September 5, 2017

Daniel Perez Talks Patty

If you live in Southern California now is your opportunity to hear one of the foremost experts on the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

Did you know that Roger and Bob were in that filming area just TWO DAYS before?

Did you know that by watching the shadows on the foliage (trees/background), that in turn gives away the time the film was shot?

Did you know that TWO historic 16 millimeter films were shot that day?

Did you know that when Jim McClarin arrived at the filmsite on November 5, 1967 that he and his two friends got TWO flat tires?

Did you know that the tracks on that sandbar could be seen from a vehicle on the Bluff Creek Road, which ran parallel to Bluff Creek?

Did you know that Roger Patterson was limping after he shot the film as the horse he was riding went sideways and bent his stirrup and that was noted by the late Syl McCoy on the same day.

Did you know that Daniel Perez was the person who finally figured out who the unnamed reporter was that Roger spoke to at the Eureka Times Standard on October 20, 1967.

Did you know that “Patty,” the film subject in the movie ? film left footprints ? that were still visible in June 1968 and the late investigator/researcher George Haas not only ? looked at these tracks but collected a couple of rocks depressed in those tracks.

Did you know those rocks which Patty stepped on are now in my possession sitting quietly in a safety deposit box in a bank?

Did you know that Bob Gimlin was cut out of the financial winnings from that famous movie but still believed the film was real?

Come folks and listen to a real investigator of the famous P-G film.

FREE to the public.

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