June 5, 2013

Re-Examining the Easterville Cree Bigfoot Video

During our re-examination of the Peguis, Manitoba Bigfoot Video Footage which was prompted by DWA, Raiderpithicusblaci made the following comments:

Greetings, brothers. I must say, i am no more impressed with this vid than i was in 2007. I must say, it seems Bigfoot is in the eye of the beholder! However, since we are retro-screening some films, Craig, can we please see the footage taken by Native American teenagers on cell phone on some reservation a few years back? I dont remember the specifics, but i do remember being very impressed with the size and bulk of the subject; the conical head, massive shoulders, and huge triceps. Some of us voiced concerns that they did not film the entire creature; perhaps it was fear or shock(who knows?), but please, Craig, i think we sould give this one another look. Thanks.Raiderpithicusblaci


A brain is a terrible thing to waste….and so is an opportunity to re-review a VERY interesting video from a few years back…Craig, can we please see the Native American reservation footage i requested a few posts (and three days) ago? I truly believe, together, that we should give this footage another look. Thanks.Raiderpithicusblaci

The footage was originally posted here on Cryptomundo on 07/10/2007 by Loren Coleman:

New Easterville Cree Bigfoot Video

My nephew & his buds seen & captured this bigfoot on their camera phone…it didn’t even notice them approaching cause of the wind…very interesting….Enjoy.Uploaded on Jul 9, 2007 by Wayne Scott

These young men are speaking in cree…”There’s someone standing here boy”…(another speaking)”it looks big”….”can you see it boy?”…”it’s kinda far away”Wayne Scott

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