October 11, 2012

Update: Hunting Guide Finds (Bigfoot) Track in East Texas

Bigfoot Researcher Rob Gaudet of Shreveport, LA followed up on this incident.

He will be giving a presentation on the track find next weekend at the Cryptomundo event Cryptopalooza.

Word is that the hunting guide may be there as well.

From facebook page for Hardcore Outdoors.


We spent HOURS measuring , photographing & videoing these tracks. They whole scene was gone over with a fine toothed comb!

They will email me all the pics, video & info plus his finished link for youtube when it’s all done. He said he’d like to consult with his colleagues & present them with all the evidence gathered. I’ll post all this stuff when I get it but I will say this for now. The man said this is quite possibly the best evidence he’s seen in ten years of investigating from Lousiana to Quebec Canada! WOW!Hardcore Outdoors

Photo gallery of the tracks on facebook

When we found these tracks they came out of the water & you could see them clearly for about 10 feet out then the water was too deep to see them. There were several tracks on the bank after “IT” walked out of the water & onto the bank, it only took a few steps then hit hard ground then no more tracks. Today, we found where “IT” went into the water about 100 yards up the slough from where it came out of the water. What we were able to determine today was that it went into the water from some thick brush towards the back of the slough, walked about 100 yards through the water, turned right, walked onto the bank & stopped then took one more BIG step before hitting solid ground & stopped leaving tracks. I’m 5′ 10″ tall & weigh about 180 pounds, I lined my right foot up with the tracks then stepped as far as I could stretch & was still 2″ shy from stepping as far as “IT” did. We measured the distance between the tracks heal to heal & it had exactly a 47″ stride! The track was 12″ long & most tracks on record are from 14″ to 15″ long but these were deep & wide so he determined that this could’ve been a female or an immature creature. He also agreed that a human couldn’t have been responsible for these tracks because of how & when they got there as well as the location. I can tell you that I am VERY excited to hear his final analysis after reviewing all the evidence with the other investigaotrs! I’ve NEVER been a believer of “BIG FOOT” but after all this I’m starting to have a whole new attitude about it being a very real creature. You either believe or you don’t.Hardcore Outdoors

My friend & I found these tracks, we did NOT see OR hear anything else at anytime before, during or after finding the tracks. These tracks are REAL that’s all I can tell you, I did NOT see what made them so I can’t swear to anything. What I can tell you is that around 8:00 p.m. these tracks were NOT there & somewhere around 9:00 to 10:a.m. the next morning we found them. We were camped about a mile from this site & the ONLY way to get to where these tracks are is by boat or by walking & swimming countless miles through thick, nasty river bottoms. There were 3 boats parked at our camp that night & NONE of them were moved, not a single boat belonging to anyone else came by us that night either & they would’ve had to drive righ past our camp to get to these tracks. Not to mention there were 40 plus mile per hour winds that night causing the lake to be covered with 4 foot plus waves whitecapping relentlessly across the entire lake making it next to impossible for anyone to even get to our camp from anywhere. With all that said, add in the fact that somebody or something made those tracks by WALKING through a slough in water up to 4 feet deep for about 100 yards in 45 degree weather, at night, in the middle of nowhere LITERALLY, during a wind storm & rain in their bare feet. A logical person would agree that considering all these FACTS, those tracks shouldn’t exist if they were made by a human. I also made it very clear in the beginning that I do not believe in bigfoot or other creatures that haven’t been proven to exist. I also NEVER used the word BIG FOOT or any other related term in reference to these tracks in any of my posts untill today & that was after a very experienced researcher examined the site & the tracks relentlessly. I sure hope this has satisfied any & all curiosities about these tracks. Should some be skeptical? You betcha! I have been my whole life but this ordeal has made a big time believer out of me that some things just can’t be explained & no way we can say that these things DON”T exist untill it has been with out a doubt scientifically proven or disproven!Thanks, Scott Threlkeld
Hardcore Outdoors

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