April 25, 2015

Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Erupts

Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition
Mid-Season Finale Airs This Saturday, April 25 at 10/9c
Season 3 Continues This Fall on Destination America


Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Erupts

Premieres Saturday, April 25 at 9 pm Central on Destination America

Also airs:

Sunday, April 26 at 12 am Central
Tuesday, April 28 at 9 pm Central
Wednesday, April 29 at 12 am Central

The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) return to Ashe County, N.C., with on a mission to prove that Bigfoot exists in Appalachia. The legendary Cherokee Devil is a savage Bigfoot that has already scarred Buck and Huckleberry with its powers of mind control, so much so that they defy Trapper’s orders and go on a secret midnight hunt in search of the monster and much-needed closure. Upon their return, the biggest rift in AIMS’ history erupts and several team members debate hanging up their hunting gear for good. But Trapper knows he’s on the trail of the most mystic and powerful Bigfoot the world has seen and is close to cracking the secret that has haunted Appalachia for generations.

‘If This Ain’t The Devil, It’s Awful Dang Close’

Buck and Huckleberry decide to go it alone in search of the Cherokee Bigfoot.

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