December 4, 2014

Russian Yeti Leaping!

Michael (Merchant) shreds the breakdown of the Russian Leaping Yeti with top of the line software and reversed engineered quantum computer to expose the finer details missed by mortals. If you’re getting your breakdowns someplace else, you’re only getting half the story; if that. 🙂

Russian Yeti Video by ParaBreakdown

A Russian dude leaping and hoping around? Or something else?

Original Video:

Strange Russian Yeti Creature Caught On Tape Hopping


Camera Man: In short, hot f! Quiet. He’s probably coming at us again. We’ll film it, if anything, we’ll upload it to YouTube.
Boy: Hey, look at that…
M: Dang, it’s moving this way!
B: I’m scared (but said in a disbelieving voice). Look there!
B: He’s moving the branches, I think.
M: I don’t see anyth.. Oh, there, it’s moving along – [looks like a] scarecrow!
B: The branches, the branches are moving!
M: Whoaaa, he’s running! I filmed him!
B: Let’s go so we don’t scare him (or “let’s go scare him” , it’s unclear, but probably the former )
M: Holy crap! (As the thing is doing it’s monkey jumping)
B: Look! He probably weighs 200kg (440lbs) !
M: Uh huh! Did you see how he waves his paws around?
B: A height of 2 meters! (about 6.5 feet)
M: Fuuuuuuck
B: I’m scared!
M: We should send this film to NTV’s Extreme Situations (Russian channel and show). Let’s go after him!

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