October 28, 2013

Sierras Evidence Initiative Thermal Footage

Sierras Evidence Initiative

Most people that have seen my Sierras thermal footage from last August (2012) have seen the wonderful breakdown done by skeptic/researcher Phil Poling (below) but missed the raw uncut video/audio (I ran on my head the whole time) as it’s 51 minutes but you will feel like you’re there with Sanh and I when this happened. Also included is the audio from the campfire conversation as we circled back to camp and I break it to Ro Sahebi and Todd Hale that I’ve been filming the bipedal subjects they had been curiously watching in silhouette spying on them from the immediate vantage treeline just above them. So crazy as the quiet summer we had at the site this year just reinforces how lucky we were that night and how hard it is to visually document these stealth animals as if I did one thing different I literally completely miss them altogether (they did nothing to initiate investigation). I couldn’t get any other angle on them as with a distance of 100+ yards and strict light discipline outside of camp, we technically shouldn’t be able to see them…..without a thermal of course.Bart Cutino

Uncut Bart Cutino’s Sierras Thermal Footage Video/Audio sync. Includes re-creation at 42:30. Total run time: 52 minutes (produced by: Phil Poling)Sierra SiteProject

Phil Poling Breakdown of footage (17 minutes) is back online.Bart Cutino

I breakdown the thermal footage recorded by Bart Cutino with the Sierra Evidence Initiative in 2012. This is the first appearance on YouTube of this footage.ParaBreakdown

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