Keel Suffers Heart Attack

Posted by: Loren Coleman on October 16th, 2006

I’ve learned that John A. Keel suffered a heart attack late last week, and is undergoing surgery in New York City, Monday, October 16, 2006.

John Keel

John A. Keel in 2002, shown here during the release of The Mothman Prophecies motion picture.

Word is that he is not in great shape, but hopefully he has come through post-op recovery fine. I will update this information, as soon as I can.

John A. Keel

Needless to say, Keel is well-known for his many books and articles on a variety of topics, most especially in recent years, of course, Mothman.

More later…

Please click here to see an update.

John Keel

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17 Responses to “Keel Suffers Heart Attack”

  1. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Sad news. Here’s hoping that he comes through this OK.

  2. Scrabbydoo responds:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I hope he comes through this in good shape!

  3. Matthewcardier responds:

    Sad. Keel’s “Strange Creatures From Time and Space” was one of the first serious fortean books (outside of the odd ghost/Loch Ness Monster books) I ever read, and it simultaneously spooked and fascinated me. Not sure how far I go along with him, but hope he recovers well and takes it easy!

  4. totnesmartin responds:

    Best wishes to John!

  5. nitewing50 responds:

    John, My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. I so enjoy reading anything that you have published. We miss having you on “Coast to Coast
    Am ” as a guest. We want you back!
    A devoted fan and admirer.
    Doug, in Lansing, Mi.

  6. Valen responds:

    Praying he does well. I know he hasn’t been able to come up to Point Pleasant the past couple of years due to his health.

  7. theo responds:

    I do hope that he heals well – Keel was my teenage hero – I read his Haunted Planet when I was 12. I was very fortunate that he wrote the forword to my Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely (Illuminet Press 1998, reprinted AUP, 2004), and I often chuckled at the slight ‘name game’: John Keel and John Keely.



  8. The Crypto Kid responds:

    You’ve got all of our prayers John. Get well soon!

  9. GeneSteinberg responds:

    I’ve known John Keel off and on for many years, and our prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.

    Gene Steinberg
    Co-Host, The Paracast

  10. Lisa62 responds:

    I hope he recovers and I am praying for him! Please keep us updated on Mr. Keel’s condition.

  11. jhamm responds:

    Praying John makes a full recovery.

  12. robin_bellamy responds:

    Thanks Loren…please let us know as soon as you know more.

    We love you John!

  13. karmakaze responds:

    Best wishes to John Keel, one of my all-time favorite authors.
    Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  14. joe levit responds:

    Here’s hoping John feels much better soon.

  15. Bob Michaels responds:

    My Prayers for John, Loren you stated surgery, was it by-pass or angio?

    I’ve had three angios and one bypass, I know he will recover. Cardio medicine is cutting edge today.

  16. Ole Bub responds:

    My prayers for his speedy recovery…from one recovering heart patient…to another…I hope his prognosis is good…please keep us informed.

    Agreed Cardiology today is miraculous.

    all the best….

    ole bub and the dawgs

  17. BigJake responds:

    Given John’s age and reports of poor health during the past lustrum, a heart attack does not surprise me. However, if he gets thru the operation satisfactorily and is then willing to work at cardio rehab and maintain a heart healthy diet, hopefully we may see another book or two from this talented chap. That would be good.

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