Mystery Photo Source?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 9th, 2012

Anyone know the origin of this photo?

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30 Responses to “Mystery Photo Source?”

  1. Zilla responds:

    Yep. It’s from the set of the 2006 movie Gamera The Brave.

  2. sasquatch responds:

    It’s gotta be a prop from a Gamera movie- from Japan. Maybe it’s one of Gameras kids or something? Or it could be a Korean film -they are getting in on the giant monster movie thing too.

    It’s huge in the orient-but mostly Japan-they are called “Kaiju”; Giant monster movies is what that means…it’s a whole genre.

    Like westerns or horror films are here.

  3. littleguymike responds:

    I assume it is from one of the Gamera movies ( the 90’s trilogy ) , or a photo of the crew moving the props. Of course it could just be a recently discovered giant turtle warrior sleeping one off !

  4. Menenius responds:

    It’s Gamera, the giant turtle analog of Godzilla. It seems to be a screencap from the movie Gamera the Brave.

  5. BJM responds:

    Looks like Michaelangelo got into the ooze again.

  6. D2K4 responds:

    It’s from a relatively recent Japanese monster movie, Gamera: The Brave.

  7. Roddy Hays responds:

    It’s a still from a Japanese sci-fi film from 2006, Loren.

    More info here :


  8. David-Australia responds:


  9. Kent Holloway via Facebook responds:

    Don’t know who took the photo…but I’m pretty sure that’s Gamera in the picture. Though I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hogtie everyone’s favorite Japanese rocket-spinning turtle (and hero to children everywhere)! lol

  10. Westport Aquarium Washington via Facebook responds:

    It appears to be a Map Turtle…..

  11. David Hall via Facebook responds:

    still from a movie.http://www.hoax-slayer.com/worlds-largest-tortoise.shtml

  12. Kent Holloway via Facebook responds:

    Yep. I knew it was Gamera. :) Gamera is really neat. He is made of turtle meat. I believe in Gam-er-a! (Sorry, had a MST3K flashback there. lol)

  13. orion24 responds:

    It’s obviously Not Real, The Pointy tooth that comes up from the bottom of the mouth (There has to be a matching one on the other side) Makes it a Dead Giveaway, It’s Gammera or Gamera or another mock up modeled version of the Japanese Film Monster. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamera_%28film%29

  14. nafansaurus responds:

    Hi Loren! This is a still from Gamera The Brave, a Japanese monster film that reboots the classic Gamera series (an attempt to answer Godzilla’s fame with a series about a giant, fire-breathing turtle). I think this is near the halfway point of the film. It’s a cute movie, but doesn’t have much to do with cryptids in any traditional sense, aside from giant monsters, or ‘kaiju’, being considered pretty mysterious creatures in Japanese cinema.

  15. Xlowtek responds:

    It sort of look like the turtle from the movie “The Bermuda Depths” a TV movie from 1978.

  16. rozum responds:

    Loren, this photo is from the movie, Gamera the Brave.


  17. jirakong responds:

    That’s young gamer from the film Gamera:The Brave

  18. jirakong responds:

    Gamera ….sorry autocorrect got me

  19. Mïk responds:

    A quick google image search brought me to a movie called “Gamera the Brave”. I can’t prove it, but it looks like a screen shot from that film. I’ve used up all my google-fu for today…next!

  20. Markus responds:

    As you will read at Hoax-Slayer

    The “tortoise” is not real. The picture is a scene from the 2006 Japanese movie “Gamera the Brave” which features a giant turtle creature. At one point in the movie, the wounded Gamera is transported via a military truck to a research facility. The circulating image is apparently taken from this part of the movie.

    Hoax – Picture of ‘World’s Largest Tortoise’
    Gamera the Brave

  21. Markus Hemmler via Facebook responds:

    As you will read at Hoax-Slayer

    The “tortoise” is not real. The picture is a scene from the 2006 Japanese movie “Gamera the Brave” which features a giant turtle creature. At one point in the movie, the wounded Gamera is transported via a military truck to a research facility. The circulating image is apparently taken from this part of the movie.


  22. Kjak75 responds:

    Its a screenshot from the Japanese Gamera movie. It does look very cool though.

  23. William Smith via Facebook responds:

    Yup, Figured it out and commented on the site about 2 hours ago, The pointy tooth is a Dead Giveaway. :)

  24. darmeus responds:

    Gamera the Brave? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0467923/

  25. gysmo1 responds:

    This link should help out.


  26. Richard888 responds:

    I found a link that says a few things about this “giant tortoise on a truck” and a different one shown in a video.

  27. h0w31rd responds:

    Looks like Japanese movie character Gamera. This is What I found http://www.hoax-slayer.com/worlds-largest-tortoise.shtml.

  28. czcole responds:

    “Gamera The Brave”, 2006

  29. Glenn Bryce via Facebook responds:

  30. Paul V Ruggeri via Facebook responds:

    Toho films?

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