May 24, 2011

Alaskan Cadborosaurus Footage Update

Cryptomundian ogopogo2011 weighs in with further opinion regarding this much discussed footage.

Hi Craig and hi John Kirk,

In all fairness Kyle did also say that the “bulls” were 30 to 40 feet, but he didn’t say 20 feet. Also he was worried that the parents (bulls) could damage the boat since they appeared “big”. I don’t think that a 20 foot animal would do that since their boat was much larger. And as experienced Alaskan fisherman, they may be more accurate than most.

As for the heads, he told me that they had heads the same thickness as the neck, (which was muscular, 18″ to 24″, and that the head or face was shaped like the front of a 747. Curiously, 3 Asian Canadian fisherman also drew a sketch of an Ogopogo which surfaced 100 feet from their dingy, next to the bridge, when they were fishing. It also had a rounded 747 shape.

Might I suggest that these cryptids may be a different species than the Cadborosaurus? Since I think that they signed a nondisclosure agreement, I don’t think they will give an interview. But if I see them next October, I will try to get a much more extensive interview, if I can.

As for the $75,000, well the networks also play hardball and, yes you MAY hold out for more, but you MAY not get it. And as fishermen, they have expenses and $75k for a chance video is a good windfall. Now why the network hasn’t done anything, probably a lot of maneuvering behind the scenes.

And for the conspiracy theorists, maybe the video would upset careful evolutionary theories, who knows?

And I don’t have any connections with the network.cheers, ogopogo2011

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