October 14, 2010

Update: Alaska Cadborosaurus Footage to Air in April 2011?

In response to my earlier post this morning, two Cryptomundians have tipped us off to the latest developments concerning the footage that everyone wants to see.

First off, thanks to mefine and TimmyRyan65 who alerted me to the two following articles:

In a statement, the trio stated that they were pleased that negotiations had panned out with Discovery, and were looking forward to filming the new season of “Deadliest Catch,” Discovery’s most popular franchise. Additionally, “Hillstranded,” a series of specials where the brothers will investigate legends centered in Alaska, including a local legend about a Lochness-type monster, is set to air after the “Deadliest Catch” in April 2011.ThirdAge.com


In Hillstranded – which will air after Deadliest Catch debuts in April 2011 – the siblings will investigate myths and legends around Alaska, including a Lochness-type monster in a local lake. “Our personalities have just been silly and kind of different,” said Andy Hillstrand. “We had a lot of fun doing them.”Hollywood insider

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