June 30, 2014

Adam Davies on Olympic Project


The first part of my expedition, was to the Olympic Project in Washington State,which is headed by Derek Randles. Of course, my friend Dr. Jeff Meldrum is also central to the project as well.

This is a truly beautiful place, and it was a great opportunity to meet up with some old friends and make new ones alike.If you have never been before,I do advise you to go.Its an excellent opportunity to meet other passionate people in the field, and I was impressed by both their depth of knowledge,and their expertise.

You would expect Derek to know his woods, and he does, providing first rate lectures on them and survival techniques as well.

As well as the first rate lecture given by Jeff, I also attended great ones given by Tom Baker and David Ellis, who are working at developing important statistical data and vocal recording expertise which could prove extremely significant in our understanding of Bigfoot.

I also chose to join a night investigation headed by Tom, which was to move towards a nearby lake where there had been a concentration of sightings.

As we headed up the trail, I noticed that debris was falling from an area above us where the treeline had broken due to a sloping bank. afforded a perfect view of the track which we were walking on.Significantly, there was no wind. I decided to try one of the Bigfoot grunts that I had used on a previous expedition last year which had led to a direct interaction with Bigfoots.

I emitted a grunt, and got a grunt back from what I assumed to be an Alpha male.

I then asked the group who were with me,which included Issac John and Shelley Covington-Montana, to wait slightly behind me while I continued to make the grunt, while the male continued to answer me from the same direction, as he appeared to follow me as per my objective.

From the opposite direction, I then got a higher pitched grunt in response, which I assumed was a female.

I was keen to establish both Alpha male activity and a perimeter for Derek to work with. I then proceeded to urinate on the track `marking my territory`. At this juncture, the male emitted a very large grunt,seemingly furious with my activity.

I have since learned that Derek has been back to this area, and also got grunts. It was a fantastic personal result for me that I was able to do a repeated interaction with a Bigfoot, based on my previous research.Importantly,it was witnessed by people who i had never met before until we joined together that night.

The following day I went with a team which included Guy Edwards to the same area in an attempt to gather hair samples for analysis.

I had a wonderful time at the Olympic Project, and was really impressed by the dedication to research shown there.

I have many people to thank, but here are a few. Jeff Meldrum as ever for his insight and knowledge, Tanya for the cats, Guy for the T-shirt, Tom Baker for leading the night excursion, and David Ellis for the sound bites he has sent me.

Shane Corson and his wife helped John and I and were great to me, and helped John and I out. Jes and Shelly kept me entertained all evening, and Shelly provided an excellent D.N.A. testing kit.

I am delighted I could contribute to Derek’s research. He and his wife Torrie were excellent hosts.

The Olympic Project is a place I will certainly return to..I look forward to seeing my friends there again.As soon as possible.

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