September 22, 2014

Analysis of Bigfoot Evidence from Summer 2014

In June this year I spent three weeks in the U.S. For the majority of that I was engaged in field research in three locations:
1. The Olympic Project run by Derek Randles in Washington State.
2. Dr.Matthew Johnson’s SOHA site in Oregon.
3. The “Sierra Kills” site in California. Justin Smeja and Bart Cutino.

In the first two areas I observed what I considered to be possible Bigfoot activity and took hair samples from the epicenter of that activity as a consequence. In the third area, although it was a fascinating site and I find it highly plausible that Bigfoots could operate in that area, I did not observe any possible Bigfoot activity while I was there.


I had two objectives for this field research.

1. Previously, whilst in the Cascades of Washington State in May 2013 I had had what I considered to have been a direct encounter with Bigfoots. I had heard an apelike grunt, and I had repeated it back to the sender. This was repeated back to me, going backwards and forwards on several occasions. The details of this encounter will be reported shortly. I specifically wanted to see if I would be able to repeat this experience in my field research this year.

I am pleased to say that I was able to repeat this experiment successfully during my time in the U.S. Indeed, on one particular occasion in the Olympics I was able to initiate a similar interaction that was heard by multiple witnesses, some of whom I had never met before. Subsequent recording were then taken the next evening in the same location by Shane Corson of an apelike grunt, and the experiment has been repeated successfully since I left.

I consider this important observational information, most particularly if I am hearing the same grunts in different locales in different years.

I have already written about my experiences at both locations previously.
I consider this objective to have been achieved.

2. In terms of evidence, what I am always most interested in is D.N.A. evidence. All other evidence, including photo and eyewitness accounts, despite having intrinsic value, is I consider highly objective.

I have met some sincere people. However it matters not to science what my opinion is of them, or what their experiences are.

D.N.A. evidence is far more determinative in this matter. This is the level of proof I would like to see achieved.

From the first two areas samples were extracted and D.N.A. obtained. The samples were sealed and labelled and then sent for analysis to Professor Todd Disotell, who I have known for many years and who i trust implicitly.I also drafted him a short note in which I described the potential animals the samples could be from… not just Bigfoot, but bear and dog as well for example, as they were both observed in the locale of the second site whilst I was there.

The first sample, from the Olympic Project was always going to be a long shot. Hair samples were gathered from the trees surrounding the area where the location of the Bigfoot Grunts were heard in the slight hope that they may yield interesting results. They were however, right in the rodent (murid) range.

The second sample afforded more potential promise as it was extracted from bowls in Oregon from which food had been consumed.During the first step of the mitochondrial analysis the hair which amplified was found to be in the canid range. So,it was most likely to have come from Dr.Johnson’s dog, Atlas. He had not been eating from the bowls, but of course he sheds hair, and his hair had clearly blown into the bowls.

So, the second objective was not achieved, Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

Let’s do this!

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