May 28, 2011

Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot: Episode Guide

Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot

Sneak Peek Monday, May 30, 11PM e/p

Famed bigfoot investigator Matt Moneymaker and his team of Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) experts travel to the forests of northern Georgia to examine footage of what they believe is a bigfoot running across the road.

Finding Bigfoot: A Howl In the Woods

The bigfoot team descends on a Georgia forest with night vision and thermal imaging cameras. They take turns “calling out,” but when something seems to call back, they are stunned.

Finding Bigfoot: Large Footprints

While researching a bigfoot sighting in northern Georgia, the team comes across a pair of large footprints and decide that, yes, these were made by a sasquatch.

Finding Bigfoot: The Bigfoot Lottery

The bigfoot team decides that they may have found actual bigfoot footprints, which they say are extremely rare. Are they being fooled or is this the real thing?

Premiering Sunday, June 5, 10PM e/p

Bigfoot expert Matt Moneymaker takes his team to northern Florida to help a family that believes they have a bigfoot living on their property. The team meets with members of the Seminole nation, whose history with the creature allegedly goes back hundreds of years.

Premiering Sunday, June 12, 10PM e/p

From deep inside the North Carolina Uhwarrie National Forest comes one of the most convincing pieces of bigfoot footage from the past 40 years. The team of BFRO investigators use decades worth of experiences to determine if this footage is the real deal.

Premiering Sunday, June 19, 10PM e/p

Bigfoot expert Matt Moneymaker takes his team of specialists to Oregon to examine a video taken on a rafting expedition. While investigating, the BFRO team hears a sound in the middle of the night that they believe could prove the creature’s existence.

Premiering Sunday, June 26, 10PM e/p

Famed bigfoot expert Matt Moneymaker and his team of bigfoot investigators journey into the mountains of southern Washington to explore a series of photos that depict what some believe is a bigfoot on a snowy peak.

Premiering Sunday, July 10, 10PM e/p

A call from a concerned mayor brings Matt Moneymaker and his team of bigfoot experts to the island of Prince of Wales, Alaska. The island allegedly has a long history with the beast, and a recent spike in reported activity has the townspeople on edge.

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