October 11, 2011

Tree Climbing Bigfoot Caught on Video?

The following video, as all of the other purported Bigfoot videos shown here on Cryptomundo, is shared to allow discussion and for the Cryptomundians to make up their own minds as to what is captured on video.

We catch a lot of flack for sharing these videos. We are not stating that it is a Bigfoot that was captured on video.

We share the possibility that it may have been a Bigfoot that was captured on video. Big difference.

I was trying to film some deer for youtube and I heard something making noises and then i heard the crows and decided to keep filming just in case it was a deer but instead it was an upright walking figure skipp to 1:12 if you dont want to waste you time ps i had the camera on a log and i ducked behind the log so it wouldnt spot meUploaded by Heavyrebel071 on Sep 24, 2011

So with that said, what do the Cryptomundians think?

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