September 7, 2012

How to Have “Bigfoot Interaction”

An article by Ron Morehead, author of Voices of the Wilderness.


“Bigfoot Interaction”

By: Ron Morehead

This article is meant to help in the understanding of these creatures and to also aid the researcher in feeling at ease in their presence – easier said than done; however, they are not antagonistic. Even though they live in the wilderness like an animal, they behave more humanistic than an animal, and considering them on that basis is important. Just as humans have different personalities; these creatures also possess unique individuality. Some will interact and some won’t.

Plan your trip into a specific remote area, suggestive of where these creatures may be. Plan a stay of at least two or three days… the longer, the better. When dealing with humans they need to feel at ease with the environment that you’ve created… they need to become accustomed to you and you need to make them curious. You should have a fixed exposed camp and a friend or two that share the same motive… winning the creature’s trust. Make camp where other hikers or packers don’t frequent and don’t take dogs with you. A small creek would be better than a lake – be off the mainstream trail. They prefer to traverse waterways, minimizing their signs.

After setting up camp, take a walk. In an attempt to interact or just perhaps announce your presence, find a small log (two to three-inches in diameter) and periodically strike it sharply two or three times against a larger log or tree trunk with a measured beat. The more resonant the sound, the better it carries. You may or may not hear a report back, but if you do and you are certain there are no other humans in the area, you’ve probably got the attention of a creature. Rocks struck together, one in the hand against a larger one on the ground, also work well in the same way. Use a sequence of three strikes, and not too often. I do not recommend trying to be stealthily while walking through the woods. Unless it’s an accident you will not sneak up on one of these creatures, so be bold and get their attention. If you’re intruding in an unacceptable area they may throw rocks, but they will not hit you with them—it’s just a warning—probably a young one in the area and they don’t want you there.

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About Ron Morehead

Ron Morehead is the producer of the Bigfoot Recordings Vol. 1 & 2 as well as an accomplished author. He has had much field experience with the Bigfoot phenomenon, and focuses on interacting with these giants and understanding them better.

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