May 16, 2013

Bigfoot Shot in PA?

From Bigfoot Evidence:

This is unconfirmed at the moment and we’re still trying to figure out what exactly transpired here. According to our source, PBS is looking into a possible shooting of Bigfoot somewhere in Pennsylvania. “It has been all over the police scanner in the area,” our source tells us, but he will not confirm the exact location.

Last month, a surge of Bigfoot sightings In Clearfield PA prompted police to put up traffic signs in an area where they were alerted to “increased animal activity”. The report stated:Bigfoot Evidence

Lawrence Township Police continue to receive unconfirmed reports regarding “Bigfoot” sightings in the River Road/Kerr Addition area. Police have yet to secure evidence to validate these encounters, but caution motorists traveling on River Road to be alert for increased animal activity. Increased animal activity is believed to be the result of improving weather conditions. As a precaution, signs have been erected in these “crossing areas.”

OK. Our source does not want to be named at the moment, so here’s the breakdown of how this event was overheard on a ham radio:

More to come on this.Bigfoot Evidence

At this point all this is rumor and a claim. Once I have more info and more details, I’ll update you. I can confirm we are investigating this claim, but as of right now. that’s all it is, is a claim. We do not have any information or proof to support this claim. Once I have more information that I can confirm, I will let you know. Until we do, no further rumors will be released. We do not want to jeopardize any possible legitimate information at this time.Eric Altman via Bigfoot Evidence

We think we know where this Bigfoot shooting claim originated from. About 4 hours ago, Daniel C. left the following message on the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society’s Facebook page:

“You guys might want to check out the somerset county state police call log. I heard a call come over my scanner about a gobbler hunter shot a bigfoot this morning and they did find a body. This is no joke that call was real.” – Daniel C.

On Twitter, received a message from @pabigfoot saying the shooting probably took place north of Altoona (either Clearfield or Tyrone). It’s unclear how this person got the information. Altoona is a city in Blair Country, and it’s popularly known as “the Mountain City”.Bigfoot Evidence

@bigfootevidence north of altoona

— pabigfoot (@pabigfoot) May 14, 2013

Nothing new to report on this alleged “Bigfoot shooting in PA.” Myself and another PBS member along with an independent researcher with decades of experience are working together on this case. We can not confirm there was a Bigfoot shot. At this point there is no evidence to support the claims. However we are still investigating it and will update everyone once we have additional information. Nothing further will be updated until we can either validate or debunk the claim. At this point there is nothing further to report.Eric Altman via Facebook

The WTF? statement statement I made yesterday was in regard to the rumors reported as of yesterday that a Bigfoot was shot by a turkey hunter and my private email shared with PBS members about the rumor, on what I was contacted about It was also in reference to who and how the information was leaked before I or the two investigators had the chance to investigate it. That issue is being handled privately.Eric Altman via Facebook

As for the the claim. So far we have found no proof as of yet, that a Bigfoot was shot. Thanks to those who are looking into this case, I do have the 911 call center recordings for the county and municipality that was involved.Eric Altman via Facebook

The investigators involved will go through this information along with other info we find to help to validate and there are phone calls placed, and interviews scheduled with some of those involved, but thus far, there is NO proof there is a body, and there is nothing to indicate anything of the sort. Something did happen that involved the police being called, but it appears that it is not what everyone has blown it out proportion to be.Eric Altman via Facebook

Once it is determined as to what really happened, I will release a statement. It will be based upon what is uncovered and what we have learned from investigating the claim. It will NOT be embellished and I nor the investigators involved will lie or hoax anyone. We will report what we found based upon the information and evidence we uncover. We should have a better answer within a few days.Eric Altman via Facebook

A joint statement will be released tomorrow (today, May 16th) in regards to the “Bigfoot shot in PA rumor.” One of the investigators on the case has a meeting with an officer from the municipal police department. Some very interesting information was shared with us today that confirms my thoughts. Details to be released tomorrow evening.Eric Altman via Facebook

And for those who are wondering why we arent releasing it tonight, its because I along with the other investigators are going to do a conference call, share what information we have collected make sure we have all the facts correct and release a properly written statement based on the factual information we have obtained.Eric Altman via Facebook

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