September 8, 2016

Bigfoot/Sasquatch: An Endangered Species?

Ron Morehead, the man behind the Sierra Sounds recordings and author of Voices in the Wilderness, offers his thoughts regarding Bigfoot and Sasquatch, “Are they endangered, and should they be protected?”

Does Bigfoot/Sasquatch Need our Protection?

Endangered Species?

We drive a car, have a shelter, most of us are employed and have the privilege of paying taxes. Does all this make us a superior species? It seems the common thought regarding Bigfoot is that they are a sub-human species. Why? Because they live in the woods like an animal, so surely they are below us on the food chain… right? I don’t think so. It seems that human families have become complacent with the worlds’ day-to-day events and thinks the status quo will continue.

On Labor Day Weekend of September 2-3-4, 2016, I was privileged to speak at the International Bigfoot Conference in Kennewick, WA. Other speakers were also there to offer their data and opinion of these giant beings referred to as Bigfoot. Dr. Meldrum, Derrek Randles, Todd & Diane Neiss, and several other distinguished and longtime researchers were also there. At the end of the conference, a panel consisting of the speakers was set up and attendees were invited to ask each of us questions.

After over 45 years of interviewing folks who have claimed encounters with Bigfoot, researching the history on this planet, and watching the world go ‘round, I really should have offered my opinion regarding a certain question at the International Bigfoot Conference. “Are they endangered, and should they be protected?”

Several Native Americans use animals as their spiritual guide. Why? Because animals have a way of surviving catastrophes where humans don’t do so well… have you noticed? But many other folks I know, who say they are intimate with these beings, also claim them as their teacher.

So are these giants that hide in the woods in danger of extinction? I personally don’t think they need protection. In my opinion, they are multiplying, not withering away in the woods, and with humanity the way it is, I think we are the ones who need protection… from ourselves.


Voices in the Wilderness

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