May 23, 2015

Coast to Coast AM: Bigfoot Tracking

In Search Of The Ohio Grassman

Coast to Coast AM: Bigfoot Tracking
Date: Wednesday – May 20, 2015
Host: George Noory
Guests: Ray Gardner, Dan Baker

Bigfoot hunters Dan Baker and Ray Gardner, founders of American Primate Exploration group, spoke about their efforts to track the North American primate known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. They have focused their investigations in the southeastern Ohio area (Ohio is ranked as the 5th most frequent state to have Bigfoot sightings in the US). Gardner detailed the possible Bigfoot sighting that ignited his initial interest. He and two hunters saw neon green eyes staring at them when they shone a light at a creature estimated to be at least 5 ft. tall that was above the weed line in a field at a large park. As the creature retreated into the woods, they were able to make out some details of its body.

Baker described being inside a possible Bigfoot home– a dome-like structure composed of interwoven tree branches like a basket. The two have concluded that Bigfoot is a flesh and blood creature that may be a relic of an early hominid species, and because of its human-like qualities, they have adopted a no-kill policy. They have made castings of several large anomalous tracks, but believe the creature often walks on all fours, and thus typically doesn’t leave much in the way of tracks. Further, Bigfoot may have trichromatic vision, which helps them to evade game or trail camera traps– the IR or UV light that acts a trigger system for the camera could appear as bright blue light to them, Gardner explained.

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