March 26, 2014

Did Dyer Shoot a Bigfoot?

In the wake of the other night’s broadcast of “Shooting Bigfoot” on BBC Channel 4, here is my current thinking…

Here is my current viewpoint on the matter. Evidently, the “whole thing” was not a hoax, as many have claimed. But by the same token, it appears that I was wrong in believing that Dyer killed a Sasquatch on the night in question, for which I apologize. As we can see by the footage, however, Dyer did shoot (or shoot at) one from very close range, the same one that then retaliated against Morgan Matthews. Dyer was so close to achieving his goal on 9/6/12 that when he failed, his frustration led him to simply go ahead and pretend that he had succeeded, no matter the cost to others. Either that or he returned to the site and killed one at a later date.

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