February 14, 2012

Update: The Erickson Project

According to Robert Lindsay, the following video will be included in the Erickson Project DVD release.

Clip from Adrian Erickson video is on Youtube! Yes, one of the video clips used in the Erickson video is already on Youtube and has been watched by many people. I got this great information from a new anonymous source in Texas. The clip is of the Russian Yeti filmed in the Kuzbass region of Russia. It was released last year. Here is a good breakdown from Tom at the Crypto Crew.

Erickson is apparently including not only his own footage but also other footage from all over the world which he may have purchased the rights to. Erickson thinks that Yetis are related to Bigfoots, and that’s why he wants footage from all over the world to make that point. That’s why the video is in Hollywood right now, because Erickson wants a professional edit job done with all this other footage, good descriptions, etc.

The stars of the show of course are the Crittenden, Kentucky Bigfoots, but there are also many others, and all the footage is good. However, the footage does vary in quality in terms of what the Bigfoots are doing. The baby Bigfoot eating a pancake video from Crittenden is also included.

The movie starts out with the less impressive footage and then progressively works its way up to the cream of crop of the Crittenden Bigfoots such as Matilda and the large male who is 9-12 feet tall. There is also an excellent video of an Asian Yeti in the movie. As far as a release date on the movie, all I have is “soon.”Robert Lindsay

Back story – some friends are out in the snow and a girl see something, she screams and drops her cell phone but not before she captures some video.

Here is the translation from the description for the video.

“In the Kuzbass has finally managed to shoot the Yeti. It accidentally saw on one of the slopes of mountains green during the walk. Suddenly, from behind the trees ran out shaggy creature under two meters tall. The appearance of a snowman has caused consternation. The girl, who has been renting mountain beauty, even dropped her mobile phone.”

2 meters = 6 ft.5 ins (roughly)zombietom69

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