September 18, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Rhode Island Town Hall Meeting

I received the following request from James “Bobo” Fay, one of the cast members of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot.

Hi craig, we were hopin you could do us a favor and quote the new article on the bfro homepage requesting help getting witnesses and people to the rhode island town hall meeting in east greenwich. We would like people to arrive btwn 6-630pm. Thanks a lot Craig, we really appreciate it!
Hope all is well my friend!

Meeting in Rhode Island 9/19/11

At present (Sunday, September 18, 2011) the cast of the Animal Planet TV series “Finding Bigfoot” are investigating bigfoot/sasquatch sightings in the surprisingly squatchy state of Rhode Island. We could use some help in this regard.

People outside Rhode Island can assist us over the next 24 hours with emails and phone calls to radio stations in Rhode Island (see instructions below). Messages should be sent to the DJ’s asking them to mention a bigfoot meeting in East Greenwhich on Monday night. (Click here for radio station contact info.)

The BFRO is holding a free open town hall meeting for people to share their Rhode Island bigfoot information (sometimes called “Big Rhody”). We’d really like to speak with eye-witnesses who have not contacted us before. Anyone with reliable second-hand information is welcome also.

After spending a few days and nights in RI, we’re guessing that there are many more witnesses in RI than we previously knew about. It’s a surprisingly squatchy place. Virtually all of the human attention is directed at the spectacular bays and inlets. Consequently the vast inland swamps and forests are relieved from a lot of human reactional traffic.

There are hundreds of thousands of acres near the Conneticuit border that were farmlands 100 years ago. Most of those farmlands have reverted back to thick, wet, tangled Atlantic coastal forest. Those strips of forest are fully loaded with large, white-oak-fed deer. The vast, forgotten CT/RI border zone criss-crossed by county roads that bear the stains of continuous road kill carnage. In other words, these are very healthy, productive forests on the west side of Rhode Island. These forests are supporting and protecting a whole lot of wildlife. The forests and wildlife could easily support and conceal a few dozen nomadic apex predators like bigfoots.

We’d like to meet more witnesses from this state, so we’re asking people to help us get the word out about the meeting on Monday night. These open meetings seems to be the best way to collect a lot of information in one swoop. Please contact radio stations in Rhode Island via email or phone to let them know about a bigfoot-related town hall meeting this Monday night. See links below for radio station contact info. Read on til them.

The meeting is scheduled for

Monday September 19 at 6:30 pm

Location: The City Hall for historic East Greenwich, south of Providence.

Free parking nearby.

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