January 22, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: “Canadian Bigfoot, Eh?” Tonight

Finding Bigfoot: “Canadian Bigfoot, Eh?”

Premiering Sunday, January 22, 10PM e/p

The bigfoot research team travels to Canada to investigate a unique bigfoot encounter caught on tape. The team zeroes in on the Canadian Rockies is search of what may be the most territorial sasquatches on earth.

This is the episode that will deal with Todd Standing and Sylvanic.

Does the Finding Bigfootcast and crew tag along with Todd to Sylvanic?

Amateur footage shot outside of Calgary, Canada. Is that a Bigfoot squatting behind the rock?

Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot Video a Hoax?

The team heads to investigate some new video evidence shot by a controversial figure in the bigfoot community. After analyzing the film, the team comes to some interesting conclusions.

The official statement regarding Todd Standing from the Finding Bigfoot crew:

The wildly overblown, self-serving assertions made by Todd Standing in those Canadian newspaper articles are quite misleading. We interviewed Todd Standing, as one of several witnesses in Alberta. He used the opportunity to drum up publicity for himself in Calgary papers. That’s what he’s all about — he’s a publicity hound. We interviewed him and basically debunked him on camera. His tales were full of contradictions and couldn’t stand up to our questioning.

Usually the four investigators are not unanimous when some of us feel a witness is not credible. In Todd’s case we all came away feeling that he is not credible, and we said so afterwards.Bossburg
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