August 7, 2016

Happy Sea Serpent Day!


The far reaches of the ocean are dark and cold and unsettling. Who even knows what creatures lurk in the murky waters of the Northern Atlantic or near the Mariana Trench. Though uncertain, there are certainly things living in these places; unusual sea creatures, with long sinewy bodies and razor sharp teeth; sea serpents. Strange ocean creatures that are the reason for today’s zany holiday, Sea Serpent Day!

The Sea Serpent is a long standing mythological creature that has fascinated humankind for centuries. They are common in Scandinavian Folklore. Their presence in lore has much to do with the numerous recorded sightings from centuries ago. Many reported Sea Serpents share similar characteristics: they’re enormous: long and wide, reptilian like and fearsome!

Though there are many reported sightings by many people the Sea Serpent remains elusive, its existence still unconfirmed; however, the Sea Serpents unconfirmed status adds to the weirdness and mystery of today’s outrageous holiday. Just be careful next time you’re swimming at the beach, you never know when a fearsome green creature will strike.


Both Beany and Cecil not only meet the Monstrous Monster but Cecil’s undersea buddies Louie the Loan Shark, Snappsy Maxie, Staring Herring and that cut up Jack the Knife.

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