March 22, 2016

Ketchum on Sykes: Fighting Over Bigfoot DNA

Dr. Melba Ketchum addressed Dr. Bryan Sykes’ interview on Coast to Coast AM this past weekend on her Facebook page:

Tried to call C to C to those of you that are saying that Sykes is dissing our research. They’re not responding to my email and I can’t get through the phone lines. Not fair at all not to be able to defend the study, especially in light of the incomplete and incorrect nature of his.

Normally I just let all the garbage go, but Sykes is a scientist and has been nasty about our study, yet he’s not been at Oxford for many years (quote from Oxford) and without keeping up with the technology, you’re a dinosaur within a year or so at the rate technology is developing. He makes up an “institute” at Oxford to publish his paper which you NEVER do (once again quoting Oxford as saying there is no such institute). He disses bioinformatics which is the most cutting edge analysis method for whole genomes known to mankind, preferring the “golden age of genetics”. His paper was proven wrong about the bear genetics by other geneticists and they wrote a published response to the Royal Academy.All of this can be found in the UK press and the Royal Academy so I’m not saying anything that’s not public knowledge. He’s a mtDNA scientist so he’s not skilled in all of the disciplines in our paper. I’m not either on all of it, that’s why there are numerous authors in our manuscript. Each scientist wrote according to their discipline. Like the bioinformatics was written by the bioinformaticist.The electron microscopy by the head of that department at Texas A&M and so forth. I’m only the lead author and therefore responsible for answering the questions and correspondence for it writing my part and putting it all together. We used 12 labs and they used one US mtDNA lab, not Oxford and only tested a small portion of the mtDNA loop. No other genetic testing was done.. And after all of this, he has the audacity to diss our work. How unprofessional and naive. Bless his heart. I can prove ours in not contaminated by human or other mammals. I did a video on it. He forgets I’m a forensic scientist and all crime scenes are subject to contamination so I know how to make sure it’s not there.

One more thing. SYKES CONTACTED ME before his paper and I offered him full access to samples, research and even offered to take him to the habituation site. I have the emails. Then he contacts me back and says he’s not coming. He didn’t even have to come here to have access to everything but he blew me off after I offered everything. So, that speaks a lot for his wanting to get to the truth. I don’t say anything I can’t prove and I have the emails to back this up. If he had worked with me, he would know why the seven Sasquatch samples in his study wouldn’t run. It took us months to figure this out. In his paper he says he doesn’t understand why they didn’t run, but I know…

Coast to Coast AM: Scientific Sasquatch, Bigfoot and the UFOlogist


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