April 29, 2016

Looking for Finding Bigfoot?

A new episode of Finding Bigfoot was not on last week’s schedule for Animal Planet, nor did one air last night.

Did Animal Planet cancel the Squatchy show? Say it ain’t so…

On the Finding Bigfoot Facebook page, the following was posted:


What? Three episodes into the new “season” and no new episodes for the rest of 2016?

So I went to the guys on the show to see what I could find out…

Cliff Barackman said:

No, we aren’t cancelled. In fact, we are filming more episodes this summer. The programming folks at Animal Planet have made some decisions about how to best support Finding Bigfoot based on the data, and they are moving ahead with their plan. Luckily this has little to do with me, so I can just focus on bigfooting.

Bobo said:

No, viewers were pissed about night change and advertisers buy slots ahead of time so they have to go through current cycle. Or something like that. We’re filming all summer.

Matt Moneymaker said:

Animal Planet is holding the remaining episodes for next season to add to the new ones that they are currently filming in order to air them back on the original air time of Sunday nights.

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