December 30, 2005

Malaysian Cryptotourism Spurred by Bigfoot

It sounds like the Malaysians are banking on tourism dollars from the recent flap of Bigfoot sightings there. Published today in the Star, Malaysia’s most widely-read English-language daily newspaper, is another article about the Bigfoot being seen in the jungles of Johor.

If Bigfoot really exists in Johor, the find may turn out to be a major crowd puller for the country’s eco-tourism sector.

Johor National Parks Corporation (JNPC) director Hashim Yusof in an interview with a Malay daily said any physical and scientific evidence of Bigfoot’s existence would turn the state’s forest into an attraction for researchers and tourists alike.

Around these here parts, we call that kind of eco-tourism cryptotourism. Just as Loch Ness attracts those seeking the Loch Ness Monster, the same may happen in Malaysia.

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