January 13, 2012

Updated: Dr. Melba Ketchum a Bigfoot Witness?

As we posted here on Cryptomundo on January 3rd, Melba Ketchum posted the following on her Facebook wall.

Since there is already an email about illusive vs. elusive. Illusive= like an illusion or imaginary. That is how skeptics see them. They also create illusion in that they are rarely seen and avoid detection. Some animals are elusive, yet there are many documentaries that are on Animal Planet and Nat Geo that show elusive animals studied with hidden cameras. How many folks have tried that with good success? Our subject goes far beyond elusive or they would have already been easily photographed with hidden cameras and plentiful footage obtained and thus already proven to exist, so they are illusive in my mind. Just semantics.Melba Ketchum

Yes, I do know about them now. I am glad I didn’t see them until after most of the data was in. I needed to prove it scientifically to myself first as a former skeptic before hitting the field so to speak and actually observing them. I had no fear, the ones I encountered were peaceful and gentle. I keep going back, I know why so many people love doing this now.Melba Ketchum

Robert Lindsay posted the following on his blog on January 8th:

We have our own theory about what is going on here. Here is what happened:

Sometime in the past year, at least by mid-October, Ketchum got the opportunity to visit a Bigfoot habitation site in Oklahoma. We believe it was in the Honobia region of Oklahoma, on private property, at or near the residence of a woman named Arla Collett-Williams. While there, she was able to see a family of Bigfoots. She has since gone back a number of times, and has apparently seen Bigfoots on each occasion. Why she has not snapped pictures or video of them, I have no idea.Robert Lindsay

Arla Collett Williams posted the following on Melba Ketchum’s Facebook wall.

Robert Lindsay continues to use fabricated stories.He is becoming a master at saying things that are not true. Dr Ketchum will address this too I am sure. She was not in Oklahoma at my home and has never been to my home.So his story about her being here multiple times to view the Bigfoot is a lie.Arla Williams

Melba Ketchum clarified further:

The post that Arla put on my wall is true. I know her, but have not been to OK since 1995. My sighting is not a big deal. I saw one silhouetted between me and a white gooseneck trailer in bright moonlight at about 25 yds. It was about 10 feet tall as it walked by. I saw eyeshine from 1 nearby. I was alone at the time. I don’t ever take cameras in case it scares them off. Not trying to prove anything here and do not care if I am believed or not. The DNA takes care of that for me. I should not have even brought it up. Any investigation on my part is purely to satisfy my curiousity (which got me into this in the first place), for my enjoyment and edification and no other reason.Melba Ketchum

Melba Ketchum added the following on January 9th:

I have been fortunate to see them, but it is not a big deal in the sense that this has nothing to do with my research nor will this personal experience be related as far as any scientific discovery. Like everyone who has seen them, there are people that will not believe you and there are people that do. This was something I did for me, not to impress anyone or “prove the species” because sightings are just that and cannot be proved because it is just one person’s story without evidence. I was awed at the appearance though, so graceful and silent and so tall. You cannot appreciate all that they are until you see for yourself. I am thankful for that opportunity.Melba Ketchum

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