January 3, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum a Bigfoot Witness?

Melba Ketchum has posted the following on her Facebook wall yesterday.

Since there is already an email about illusive vs. elusive. Illusive= like an illusion or imaginary. That is how skeptics see them. They also create illusion in that they are rarely seen and avoid detection. Some animals are elusive, yet there are many documentaries that are on Animal Planet and Nat Geo that show elusive animals studied with hidden cameras. How many folks have tried that with good success? Our subject goes far beyond elusive or they would have already been easily photographed with hidden cameras and plentiful footage obtained and thus already proven to exist, so they are illusive in my mind. Just semantics.Melba Ketchum

Yes, I do know about them now. I am glad I didn’t see them until after most of the data was in. I needed to prove it scientifically to myself first as a former skeptic before hitting the field so to speak and actually observing them. I had no fear, the ones I encountered were peaceful and gentle. I keep going back, I know why so many people love doing this now.Melba Ketchum

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