January 26, 2012

Jeff Meldrum Addresses Sierra Kills Rumors

Jeff Meldrum posted the following on his facebook page today.

Yesterday, Robert Lindsay posted an item reporting on events associated with the alleged shooting in the Sierras by Justin Smeja. It was in turn picked up by other blogs and several individuals contacted me directly asking for confirmation. The piece is riddled with errors and false insinuations, to say the least. I am very disappointed in the caliber of the journalism. Attached is the text with the erroneous elements highlighted in red. Presently, I am not at liberty to discuss details of my participation during the examination of the scene or the tissue sample provided, due to an NDA with parties involved.

Meldrum on DNA

I can say:
There was no “steak” — i.e. no muscle tissue, just a patch of skin and hair.

I was invited to the scene and had permission to bring a dog handler, but the scene was already rendered unsuitable by the activities of those already on site, and the dogs were never deployed.

I never made the statement rendered in quotation marks.

I never enumerated a list of characteristics indicating it was the “real deal” — quite the opposite.

I returned to the lab with a tiny sliver of the salted specimen (1mm x 5mm) with a couple dozen hairs attached. I cannot discuss the details of the analysis of the hair further due to the NDA.

I will say that humans are primates. No primates have underhairs. No human populations adapt to elevation by sprouting underhair.

Also, there are a lot of misconceptions and misrepresentations about my ideas concerning what sasquatch are — more ape-like or more human-like. I don’t appreciate others putting words in my mouth, who don’t have a grasp of the principles involved.

Finally, this just received from Mr. Lindsay at the close of a brief email exchange:

“You have developed an unfriendly tone in this exchange, and that makes it hard to work with you now and certainly in the future. If you develop a positive relationship with me, you receive special consideration in our reporting about you. Just a heads up.”

You be the judge…

~ Jeff Meldrum

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