June 6, 2014

Meldrum on Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives

In order to head off more comments such as the fore-going, let me clarify my involvement in the recent show Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives (Discovery). First let me remind everyone that I don’t have cable TV and do not follow these shows, or even see them unless the producers send me a DVD. I was asked for an interview about the relation of the Russian “yeti” and the sasquatch. Off-camera it was mentioned that there was a curious incident that occurred in the Urals back in the 50’s and a theory that a “yeti” might be involved (Note the Russians use the term “yeti” in a generic sense of an upright hairy hominoid, In this case it is not equivalent to the Himalayan yeti. It often conflates the more human-like neanderthaloid form with the larger more ape-like sasquatch-like form), I was casually shown a picture on a smartphone of a shadowy figure emerging from the treeline, which was allegedly on one of the victims’ cameras. I wasn’t given an opportunity to closely examine or evaluate it. It wasn’t until the recent press release that I was made aware of the unfortunate title of the show or the particular emphasis on this incident in the Urals. I expressed my concerns about this when asked to provide comments fro the media in connection with the promotional interviews. One was with Guy Edwards.


(note: the transcription of my comments is pretty chopping and rife with misprints, but thanks for a thoughful interview Guy).

In the end, one ultimately has minimal influence and no control over the editing and spin of a particular show. The positive opportunities and and potential for lending a grounding influence through most undertakings far outweigh the occasional disappointments.

So if you think I have somehow compromised my authenticity, integrity or the trust of believers — get over it — and stay tuned for upcoming programs.

~ Jeff Meldrum

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