July 24, 2013

Minnesota Iceman On The Air Tonight!

We received the following message this morning to pass on to the Cryptomundians:

Hey Guys, I thought you’d like to know that Terry Cullen will be broadcasting tonight on the topic of the Minnesota Ice Man. Mr. Cullen was the original person who saw the oddity and reported it to Ivan T Sanderson and Bernard Heuvelmans. The resulting report written by Sanderson can be found in the appendix of “The Search for Big Foot” by Peter Byrne. Richard Grigonis, who is currently writing the biography of Ivan T Sanderson, will also be on the show.

SPECIAL 90 MIN EPISODE! 7/24 8 p.m. CT. Click and listen: Minnesota Ice Man – what may have been the only actual remains of a Yeti or ‎Bigfoot-type creature ever brought to science. Joining Terry ‎Cullen is our guest, ‎Richard ‎Grigonis, author of an upcoming book on naturalist and cryptozoologist, Ivan T. Sanderson.

Discussion Topics:
1) The historical background of the actual “Ice Man” and controversy;
2) Terry’s involvement in bringing this to the attention of the scientific community;
3) About Frank Hansen, the owner and showman of the “Ice Man” carcass/body;
4) The involvement of renowned naturalists and cryptozoologists, Ivan T. Sanderson and Bernard Heuvelmans.
5) Most people who debunked the “Ice Man” either never saw it nor saw it through clear ice;
6) The fakes made after the disappearance of the original by Frank Hansen.

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