December 14, 2014

More Bigfooters Breaking Ranks After Jeff Meldrum’s Interview On Coast to Coast A.M.

Holy mackerel! This is more serious than we thought. All those videos and messages people posted about Dr. Jeff Meldrum were not empty threats after all. We’ve reach the boiling point, and seasoned veterans are officially “breaking ranks” with Meldrum.

For years, Meldrum has enjoyed the limelight of being the one person you must invite to a Bigfoot conference — but this may change after 2014. The Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University has supported Canadian Bigfoot researcher, Todd Standing at almost every public event this year, and even went as far as called Standing his “colleague” on Coast to Coast A.M. radio last night. Many supporters of Meldrum are appalled by his statement. Kathy Strain was shocked when she heard Meldrum on the radio and took to Facebook by posting her dismay:

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