January 17, 2014

New Possible Almasty Recordings From Russia

From Bigfoot Evidence:

The above alleged recordings were captured in Russia by a man named “Islam”. Last month, Russian Bigfoot researcher Igor Burtsev, who was unsure of the audio’s authenticity, sent the recordings to cryptolinguist Scott Nelson in North America for an opinion. After some careful analysis, Nelson concluded the recordings were probably faked. The vocalization, which bears a remarkable resemblance to Mike Patterson’s audio in Ontario Canada — which he claims to be legit. Ron Moorehead, the person who recorded the Sierra Sounds suggested to Burtsev that the language may not sound like the ones he recorded in the Sierras, but it does not necessarily mean the audio is fake. Burtsev explains his initial excitement in a Russian publication (Russian to English translation):

Recording just shocked me! First on our territory (I mean the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation) appeared such records! Previously, they were received and investigated only in America. I sent a recording kriptolingvistu Scott Nelson in the United States. Alas, his answer was negative … But later, another researcher recordings bigfoot, Ron Morehead, encouraged me, saying that Nelson compared with a California records, and your may not correspond to the … ( well, Russian language is also English is not like! – Encyclopedia ). Then I sent the recording Natalia Puzanov in the Chelyabinsk region. Natalya – years of experience with family “devils”, she heard many times “Leshunyu” (head of the family). Natalia assured that the real voice and mumbling like. I also posted a recording Robin Lynn (USA). Robin – participant of the international conference on hominology in Kuzbass in 2011. Robin enthusiastically confirmed that, yes, it is – their voice is not fake, she heard many times such voices in research and the search of Bigfoot. In place of research Robin Lynn, too, by the way, there was “a friend” who has been given the name Black (Blackie). Growth as it was, roughly, about three meters. So – no doubt remains, the real record. Obtained were as follows: Islam put food into the trough, and under it – included recorder, closing branches. “Black” came and took the food and ate there muttering. And when he was gone, Islam took the recorder. Islam itself was expecting about 50 m from the feeders and saw the dark silhouette of the “Black.” Islam also put hair on branches near the feeders. When it is possible, he will send them for analysis. December 29 Maxim took the camera and went to his mountain, again saw the marks and took them off to the camera now. There he also found hair on the tree where there were creases.

Interestingly, Islam, the 31 year-old farmer who recorded the vocalization lives in a secluded farm somewhere in rural Kazakhstan. The nearest town is about 30 kilometers away. Considering the fact that Islam has internet connection, it’s safe to assume that Islam has access to YouTube and probably knows what Bigfoots should sound like. The Bigfoot community has accused YouTuber user Mike Patterson (Sasquatch Ontario) of faking the vocalizations he claims came from a habituation property. If this audio from Kazakhstan proves legit, then the community may have to reassess their opinion on Patterson’s claim. Like Patterson, Islam appears to be habituating the Bigfoot. He explains the interaction with the creature on his farm (Russian to English translation):

Height exactly three meters – a giant, hands feet long, pointed head, neck seems to be no, broad shoulders, big eyebrows, big jaw, his hair longer, like the mane behind her stomach a little, walking legs bent, runs faster than my horse, I was convinced. Color it black with white spots on the chest, bearded. Sometimes rests hand side. Often comes at night, know it when he slams close, it seems to me, palms, and publishes a guttural sound – Yeah, it’s a monster! But, you know, it seems we are getting used to each other. Previously, my grandfather told me about KCN-Kiik, but I did not believe, but once the ball sheep, I saw him. At first I did not understand it, I thought – a bull, but the dog began to run, and I realized that he was standing on two legs.

It felt creepy, wanted to run out of fear, but his legs would not obey, I wanted to cry. He remembered his grandfather said: see it – do not be afraid, and I did not run. He stood for ten minutes, then disappeared into the undergrowth. This was the first meeting. Later, I found such a place, though large holes inside the stacked hay, covered with branches. I think it KCN-Kiik house. Once, when he was near the hole, he threw a stick in my direction because of the thickets, I pricked up his ears, took his gun, but did not dare shoot – painfully, he looks like a man. I talk to him – in response get guffaw, not like the laughter, sometimes whistle. Tried to take it on your mobile – and all I can not get away either, dull or mobile buggy. Since then, I fertilize it, leave the bread and other products on an old fallen tree.

Islam has sent an image from the Internet, similar to Brown. Interestingly cooked meat does not touch, and taketh bread, apples, cabbage. I’m not about the next expert, but they remain, and quite large. Find summer construction of sticks and pieces of trunks and branches just above the hill, some creases on the big tree. Summer somehow twice faced Burym. It is not like Black, shorter, lower jaw – much stretched forward, frontal bone acts, face bright.

Currently sitting on the roof sheepyards, hence clearly visible edge of a forest, hear the sound of the slope as interesting beeps – so he’s around. Now come the sounds – do not know how to say something like a knock on the trunks of trees, and here and claps. Sheepyards from prior forest about 100 m, the silence, only hear it. That dog fuss, is not alone, just in case I grabbed the gun – it gives courage.

Ksy-Kiik. From the Internet. Hear the crunch of twigs seem to think he’s near the feeders. Though the moon, but a dark, ragged clouds appeared from somewhere, a little hazy.

Incredible! Igor Dmitrievich, he responded to my whistle whistle! Beautiful singing, responding to my pops, grunts. It’s a pity you do not have here, the state of inexplicable little head began to ache, and feeling now as goose head, I even scratched his head. But laughter and rude, Igor Dmitrievich, it seems to me, do not know, we made ​​friends with him. Sounds of Silence … branches already up the hill, I do not know, maybe he goes. Tomorrow will come out of each city, we want him to go on the trail, to establish his whereabouts. Silence does not respond to the whistle, no cotton, I think, is gone.

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