July 26, 2013

Robot Explorer Sub Spots ‘Sea Serpent’

Scientists using robot submarines borrowed from an oil rig have captured rare images of a live oarfish – thought to be the source of many “sea serpent” tales in days of yore.

Here be monsters. An image from video of a seven metre-long oarfish, taken by Dr Mark Benfield’s robot sub.

Marine biologist Mark Benfield and his collegaues were using the undersea robots to search for signs of environmental damage in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011, when the mysterious deep-sea creature swam into view.

Dr Benfield released video of the ‘sea serpent’ and published a description of its behaviour in a scientific journal this week.

It’s only the second time that a living oarfish has been seen in at depth – most reports are based on the remains of dead or dying animals that float to the surface.

Dr Benfield estimated the specimen was up to seven metres long.

Read the rest of the story here.

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