November 28, 2005

Sasquatch Sculpture Erected

Indian Country Today reports that on October 16, 2005 a 12-foot-tall steel sculpture of a sasquatch was placed on Distautel Summit near Nespelem, WA. This was the first project by the Planning Department of the Colville Confederated Tribes.

WA Sasquatch Sculpture

The goal is for the saquatch sculpture to bring back the legends of the tribe’s culture as it once was.

WA Sasquatch Sculpture

Many tribes’ oral histories contain stories of a large man-like creature. The name varies from tribe to tribe. The Colvilles talk of ”Skanicum,” while the neighboring Spokane Tribe uses the term ”Scweneyti”; but nationwide, the term ”sasquatch” is well recognized.

An excellent resource for Native American names for Sasquatch is the NASI Report: Toward a Resolution of the Bigfoot Phenomenon available on Roger Thomas’ excellent website. Table 12 lists many names for the creatures.

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