August 23, 2017

Scientist Robert Michael Pyle is on the Hunt for Bigfoot, Even if He Doesn’t Entirely Believe in Its Existence

Real scientists look for Bigfoot too?

Robert Michael Pyle studies Bigfoot, ecology and butterflies—not necessarily in that order.

Pyle is one of the world’s foremost experts in butterflies, having penned seven books about the insects, including the Audubon Society’s Field Guide to North American Butterflies.

But he also dabbles in Sasquatching. His 1995 book, Where Bigfoot Walks, was just updated and reissued. He’ll be reading from that book at Powell’s in Beaverton next month.

Friday, September 22 @ 7:00 PM
Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing

His book, Where Bigfoot Walks, is more about wilderness than mythical forest monkey creatures. In it, we meet Sasquatch footprint faker Ray Wallace, Bob Gimlin—famous for filming the first possibly real footage of Bigfoot in the ’60s—and Cliff Barackman, co-host of the TV series Finding Bigfoot. Barackman will appear at the Oregon Sasquatch Festival. Pyle writes of the Dark Divide, a stretch of land near Mount St. Helens where many Bigfoot sightings originate. The 70-year-old lepidopterist, with a doctorate from Yale, carries a butterfly net but no cell phone on his treks through Bigfoot country—meaning if he ever sees Bigfoot, we’ll have to take his word for it.

“I don’t travel with a device because I don’t speak connectedness when I’m out there,” he says.

The author is neither a true believer, nor a dedicated skeptic. He’s more a Bigfoot agnostic.

“I am a biologist and I have not seen the animal, so how can I say I know or believe?” Pyle says. “So far, I don’t have a better hypothesis than the existence of this animal. But it’s also not definitive proof.”

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Where Bigfoot Walks

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