December 14, 2014

Todd vs Todd

Todd Neiss, Bigfooter, Bigfoot witness and Beachfoot organizer, offers the following:

Here is my personal take on the whole Todd Standing affair…

There is little that separates him with the likes of Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Ray Wallace, and others of the same ilk. To these types of individuals, Bigfoot is simply a vehicle for attention and potential profit. Frankly, I doubt that they even believe in these creature’s existence. If not Bigfoot, they would simply choose another hot-button topic. Bigfoot is an easy target as the individual can claim anything they want without actually having to back it up. People tend to believe them because of their charismatic enthusiasm and the belief that no one would possibly risk their reputations on being caught hoaxing. Wrong! This misguided train of thought ignores that, with certain narcissists, “any publicity is good publicity.” These people will go to extremes for attention. Fortunately, they are eventually outed. Unfortunately, their antics only serve to further make legitimate research a mockery in the process. And Many times they are successful in conning well meaning individuals along the way…the more notable, the better. And as the saying goes, “the bigger the are, the harder they fall.”

Make no mistake, these type of people share some common attributes. In my personal opinion, they are all sociopaths.

Sociopaths are masters are presenting themselves as heroes with high morals and philosophy, yet underneath it they are deceivers who often incite emotional chaos among entire communities. They are masters at turning one group of people against another group. It gives them a sense of power, control and purpose.

They have very little true feeling at all for others, which allows them to treat others as objects. While the effect of their behavior is undoubtedly malicious, their intention is not necessarily. They often feel no guilt or remorse about harming others, and may frequently try to manipulate others either for pleasure or to gain something from them (i.e. publicity/attention). They are masters at influence and deception. Very little of what they say actually checks out in terms of facts or reality, but they’re extremely skillful at making the things they say sound believable. They pursue any action that serves their own self-interest, even if it seriously harms others. Unfortunately, it is often the kindest and most trusting individuals who suffer the most at the hands of sociopaths.

These people invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time. They are masters at weaving elaborate fictional explanations to justify their claims (Sylvanic). When caught red-handed, they respond with anger and threats, and then weave new fabrications (Muppets) to distract from their previous lies.

Most sociopaths will become angry or aggressive when their integrity is questioned, whereas a sane person would simply be happy to help clear up any misinformation or misunderstanding. If presented with a collection of facts, documents and evidence showing that they lied or deceived, they will refuse to address the evidence and, instead, attack the messenger! If you really try to nail a sociopath down, they will quickly turn on you, denounce you, and declare that you are plotting against them.

Any of this sound familiar?

At one point, Standing declared that it was critical to obtain a specimen in order to prove their existence. Based on his alleged close range videos, he has had ample opportunity to do just that. Yet he did not. Now he has engaged on a multinational campaign to enact laws against actually obtaining a specimen. Which is it? He creates a need, and then tries to prevent that need from being met. How convenient.

In the final analysis, Standing has created a monster and we, the Bigfoot Community, are feeding it. He need not do a thing, but sit back and watch his creation take on a life of its own. One thing is certain…he is enjoying every second of it. Again, to him, any publicity is good publicity.

Mr. Standing is the owner of a video production company (a.ka. Outstanding Productions)…RED FLAG. Todd’s wife, Louise, is on the board of the company and a self-acknowledged “make up artist.”,,,RED FLAG. Todd Standing deliberately engaged in a disinformation scheme to suggest that “Louise” was his sister; giving him deniability as to her (his sister’s) involvement in his company. This was clearly displayed at the Sasquatch Summit when he pronounced his sister as having been employed by a Canadian petroleum company…RED FLAG. Meanwhile, the real Louise Standing’s biography was recently altered, following the Sasquatch Summit, to remove her claim to having been a “Make up artist…RED FLAG. Dating back to 2004, Todd first came onto the Bigfoot scene in the form of “Sylvanic.” This was supposed to be a mysterious canyon that could only be accessed via an 18″ hole…RED FLAG. He later went on to describe an incident where a group of people, who ventured into “Sylvanic” were brutally killed and their bodies never found. No such report of any lost hikers was reported…RED FLAG. He then went on to promote the “Muppet Video” purporting that it was a real video of a non-blinking variety of Sasquatch…RED FLAG. When people questioned why the figure in the video did not blink, he manufactured another video; this time it blinked…RED FLAG. Todd Standing then decided to capitalize on a report that Les Stroud (a.k.a. “Survivorman”) had claimed to potentially have had a Bigfoot encounter in Alaska; during one of his”Survivorman” episodes, he was quick to contact Les…RED FLAG. He convinced Les to promote himself by convincing him to produce two “Survivorman – Bigfoot” episodes. With Stroud on board, he then turned towards two academicians in the form of Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel. He told them that Les Stroud was already on board with his “documentary”; lending some credibility. He then, simultaneously, convinced them that the other PhD was already on board; giving them some confidence as to Standing’s reputation. Standing paid them both very well to fly out to his research area…RED FLAG. In the final analysis, Both Les and John recognized numerous issues with Standing’s operation. They have both since backed away from his documentary. Unfortunately, Dr. Meldrum has refused to admit he was duped. In fact, he has gone on record as an apologist for Todd. If Jeff had any intention of separating himself from Standing, he completely blew it by proclaiming that Standing was his “colleague” in Bigfoot research on last night’s “Coast to Coast” broadcast.

I just named 10 “RED FLAGS” that should have been obvious to anyone dealing with Standing. Why…or better stated…how can men of this caliber be duped by him are beyond comprehension (and there are many more). Given these facts, how anyone can continue to support Standing is…pathetic.

I have known Dr. Meldrum since 1996, when we were both speakers at the “Sasquatch Symposium” in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. We both shared the stage with the likes of the late Rene Dahinden, John Green, the late Grover Krantz, the late Barbara Wasson, Dr. Bindernagel and others. Daniel Perez was the Master of Ceremonies.

I sincerely appreciate his contributions to the Bigfoot field with regard to his theories on the physiology and origins of Bigfoot; and at the very real risk of his scientific reputation. Jeff’s willingness to step outside the box has been a huge help to this field in general. His position can be either a positive, or negative, to our mutual quest.

It is for that, that I struggle with his willingness to risk his reputation by siding with an individual who is clearly a fraud. I wish Jeff well, and hope he appreciates the situation that he has placed himself, and all of us, in.

Jeff…please come back to us.

Todd M. Neiss,
Founder – American Primate Foundation

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