May 22, 2014

Touched by a Sea Monster

From the Daily Show with correspondent Steve Carrell:

The Daily Show

A Vermont man has whittled years of waiting and waiting and waiting down to 90 pages of helpful hints ideal for anyone searching for an elusive 20-foot-long sea creature.

Katy Elizabeth About Katy Elizabeth
Katy Elizabeth was born in Warwick, Rhode Island. Katy has been studying the existence of Champ since a child. As one of the youngest and most recent Cryptozoologists, she made her life long dream into reality when she had her own sighting and experiences of this elusive creature on Lake Champlain. It prompted her to start her own non-profit group called “Champ Search”. The group's goal is to study, investigate and prove the existence of unique animals that inhabit New York and Vermont’s beautiful Lake Champlain. She is the author of the books Water Horse Of Lake Champlain and Water Horse Of Lake Champlain II available on

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