February 14, 2014

West Virginia Bigfoot Vocalizations

The following is the audio clip from Finding Bigfoot: Coal Miner’s Bigfoot.

From the person who recorded the audio:

I rarely post on my own wall, but this is something worth sharing with all my squatching friends. Last Sunday’s episode of Finding Bigfoot focused on West Virginia, with my good friends Russ Jones and Darren Pevarnik. The opening minutes of the show also featured an audio recording which Matt, Ranae, Bobo, and Cliff Barackman showed a good deal of interest in. I’m proud to share that I recorded that clip in my West Virginia research area, back in 2011. And I’m thankful to Russ and Darren for their efforts to share it with others who are fascinated by the sasquatch phenomenon. To hear the full, original audio clip (which is longer and more interesting than what was played on Finding Bigfoot), check out this video on my Youtube Channel.

Captured on August 31, 2011 at 10:50 p.m. in a research area in Pendleton County, West Virginia. These ascending vocals follow shortly after two faint whoops and resemble similar vocals captured in Brunswick County, VA. The second half of this clip includes spectral amplification to bring out the faint initial whoops, and other details of the ensuing vocals. Compare the two whoops in this clip to the series of whoops captured in Decatur County, GA in March 2011, in this clip:

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