September 10, 2014

White Bigfoot Sighted in Maine

Bill Brock, Bigfooter and team leader on Monsters Underground, reports the following:

ATTN: I just got a Class A sighting of a White Bigfoot about a hour from here. There have been a few sightings over the last year of this White Bigfoot. It seems to be migrating or just covering a huge area, Possibly just looking for food. Whatever it is, This creature is making mistakes. It is coming closer and closer to homes here in our area….. This Class A sighting happened last night when a young male was setting up a tree stand.. Team Rogue is heading there ASAP to bring home some evidence of whatever this was… Below is a report not that long ago. I think this could be the same creature. I mean how many white Bigfoots are there?

~ Bill Brock

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