November 25, 2008

Do Bigfoot Hear Cameras?

Can Bigfoot “sense” human activity through the electronic items that humans bring into the interactions? Can Sasquatch “hear” cameras? Is what is being learned about this leading to findings that may impact the search for evidence of Bigfoot?




Above William Dranginis monitors his motion-detection camera and demonstrates his EyeGotcha invention. (Photographs by Darrow Montgomery.)

Guest blogger William M. Dranginis, a well-known hominological investigator of Manassas, Virginia, looks at the issues:

I would like to answer some questions that have been raised concerning cameras and if they make high pitched sounds that humans cannot hear. The simple answer is YES!

Many types of electronics devices such as surveillance cameras, tape recorders, camcorders as well as other kinds of electronics produce measurable sound in the ultrasonic range. The ultrasonic sounds are produced at the electronic component/circuit board level. Even small electrical components soldered to a circuit board can transmit their ultrasonic vibrations through to the circuit board they are mounted to causing the circuit board to vibrate and produce ultrasonic sounds. I have demonstrated this process at Eric Altman’s East Coast Bigfoot Conference as well as Don Keating’s Ohio Conference.

I have been working on this concept since I saw a deer looking into one of my remotely deployed video cameras back in 1997. The deer in question tripped the surveillance system and it started to record the black and white video as well as audio. The recording showed the deer looking directly at the camera from about 15 feet away, during this time the deer kept twitching its ears and it was obvious the deer was hearing something produced by the camera.

Soon after reviewing the video footage, I conducted a search on deer hearing. I found that deer can hear into the ultrasonic range as well as many other animals. After that, I searched, found and purchased a device that can detect ultrasonic sound and convert that sound into audio we humans can hear and record. The camera used in that particular surveillance system was tested and it did in fact produce ultrasonic sounds I was able to measure and document. The sounds you hear are high pitched and mixed with various tones, similar to the sound of bees around a bee hive.

As some people have stated, they can hear high pitched sounds in some electronic equipment, this is not uncommon.

So yes, some electronic equipment produces high pitched ultrasonic sound we can measure and document.

Can the Bigfoot creatures hear these sounds? I don’t think anyone can answer that question right now.

Hopefully, the new EyeGotcha camera systems I am building will not produce ultrasonic sounds and catch these creatures off guard. The camera systems will be going on sale in the spring, starting a manufacturing business of this magnitude takes time and money, but it’s almost ready to go.

~ William M. Dranginis



Personally, I find this man’s dedication to looking beyond the ordinary to be very helpful to the field. I would like to send out my thanks to Bill Dranginis, once again, for his donation of unbreakable, kid-friendly, nearly transparent two-part clear urethane display casts of the footprints of Bigfoot, Yeti and Orang Pendek, to the International Cryptozoology Museum. It has been great working with Bill on this educational project of cast exchanges. Dranginis’s specially designed casts are a great resource invention, and I wish him well with the rollout of his EyeGotcha camera systems.

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