Biscardi’s Legacy is Marxian

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 15th, 2006

Batten down the hatches. Tom Biscardi is reportedly on his way to Wisconsin.

Bigfoot Charging

Perhaps people have failed to look at the frames from the 1970s’ films? Or read their history? Is there a sucker really born every minute? What other boring clichés might apply?

Was anyone listening when Linda Martin noted who was coming to dinner? A supporter in 2005, Martin gave background insights into the team: “…the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization visited Happy Camp…The team included world-famous researcher Tom Biscardi, Joan Brandt, Peggy Marx, Lee Hickman, Tim McMillen and Rob Shorey. Peggy Marx is the widow of Ivan Marx, pre-eminent Bigfoot researcher of the 1950’s through the 1990’s….Tom Biscardi moved from New York to California to help Ivan and Peggy Marx look for Bigfoot soon after seeing the Patterson Bigfoot film in 1967….Biscardi and [Peggy] Marx founded the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization…The team includes an expert tracker, Lee Hickman, grandson of Ivan Marx. He is able to track anything through the woods within two weeks of the passing. He was trained by his famous grandfather in this and other Bigfoot research skills.”

Ivan Marx recast as a “pre-eminent Bigfoot researcher of the 1950’s through the 1990’s”? Tom Biscardi as a “world-famous Bigfoot researcher”? Ask the people in Happy Camp if they are happy today.

As Craig Woolheater noted this year previously here, Biscardi would go on to sue the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization, its president and vice president, for over $200,000. Biscardi said they owed him that to “lend his experience, knowledge and reputation,” to conduct “Bigfoot expeditions,” and to provide the group with use of his library — which consists of “things such as plaster footprint casts, films, photos and sound recordings.” The group, the lawsuit claims, paid him only $65,000.

Only $65,000. You know what most of us could do with that kind of money? Can you imagine? Am I jealous? No, just in shock that people have money like that to spend on Bigfoot – via one person. I’ve never seen money like that in any one year, while working six jobs. What were the contributors thinking?

It really is a shame that people who find Biscardi at their doorstep asking questions about Bigfoot don’t merely look at the past. And to what Peter Byrne discovered in 1971 (see below). Perhaps people need to learn from history so they will not repeat it?

Bigfoot Showering

Byrne Marx Hoax

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13 Responses to “Biscardi’s Legacy is Marxian”

  1. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    You’re not going to get any arguments out of me. i scream at anyone who would listen, this man is the real creature to fear and dread. the quickest way to turn your legitimate sighting into a circus is to allow tom biscardi to the party.

    the pictures of peggy marx in a monkey costume are some of the most humorous items i have seen. i wouldn’t doubt if tom was really the man in the costume in a couple of those picks. peggy couldn’t do them all. could she?

    i wonder if it was tom’s idea to sew a fire hose between the legs of the costume to show….after all he drives a corvette and those guys are always over compensating for….

  2. Beansly responds:

    Let him come to wisconsin. He can look for clues in my basement, I think there’s mice down there.

  3. greywolf responds:

    Who pays the freight on this guy? He sure gets around. I keep watching if he comes to my state, I will take a vacation elsewhere.

  4. lorelady responds:

    Just so’s you all know, he isn’t working with me or with the primary witness. Also, other new sightings posted on my cnb-scene website, brayupdate page. – Linda Godfrey

  5. One Eyed Cat responds:

    TB will have a very sad day when he realizes HE is now the cliché.

  6. Lee Pierce responds:

    Tom Biscardi is a classic con man who makes his living off of other peoples ignorance. He is one of the worst kind of criminals. Unfortunately, we are all ignorant in one area or another. Biscardi has picked up on an area where 99% of the “knowledge” is speculation. It’s a shame when the charlatans make a better living off of something than the people who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of the truth.

  7. lastensugle responds:

    Wow, these pictures are actually worse than the ones of the rubber gloved skunk ape! Regarding Biscardi, the man’s good at hustling people, sadly that’s usually enough motivation to do so.

  8. thegoblinking responds:

    Everyone get your torches and pitchforks the monster is coming, wow how can anyone believe him. George Noory put him in his place on Coast to Coast AM, when he said he had a captured bigfoot. He needs to find a real job as carnival barker, or start really investigating. And to all the people who actually believe him, snap out of it.

  9. Mnynames responds:

    Wow, does that furry guy in the first pic have a snorkel in his mouth? What’s up with that? And who’s throwing snowballs at that second one with the lithe legs?

  10. kittenz responds:

    I guess that people fall for Biscardi for the same reasons that they fall for infomercials.

    Barnum was right.

  11. mystery_man responds:

    I hear he was a producer for Vegas shows. Wonder what happened with that? Seems more up his alley.

  12. busterggi responds:

    Perhaps Biscardi should team up with Sundberg.

  13. Ann Unknown responds:

    I don’t know? – I found the high-water pants cuffs on Splashy Squash sort of fun. But I understand that capris are all the rage for sassy BFs this season.

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