December 20, 2010

Cryptozoology Museum Flooded

Why should I be surprised? These are restless times. Tonight’s incredible full moon will be involved in the first lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice visible from the USA since 1638. The next one won’t be seen again until 2094.

So when the call came in from Michelle Souliere at the Green Hand that water was pouring through the ceiling above the International Cryptozoology Museum, it only seemed typical for the course of incidents of late.

By the time I was able to reach the museum, I discovered the water had finally been turned off in the rooms over the museum. The flood was a mere drip. But among a few wet taxidermy items, all the main oriental rugs were ruined, as well as the rusty, smelly water had effected the DVD running the Patterson-Gimlin clip, soaked various teeshirts, splashed a couple display cases, and flooded some footprint cast imprints, for starters. Mostly, it will cause two days of intensive cleanup work, and a couple weeks of rehab and replacement efforts to bring the museum back up to snuff.

But we refuse to be defeated. The museum will be open on this Wednesday and Thursday, and open until 4 pm on Friday and closed for Saturday for Christmas. We will also be open on Sunday for individuals and families who want to visit the museum. While we may not have new rugs yet, we shall be giving tours and showing Yeti fur, original Sasquatch footcasts, and Yowie hair not viewable anywhere else in the world, as well as all the other exhibits which shall be back up and running.

The dirty water will be cleaned up, and we will be back in business in two days!

Still, darn it. What bad timing.

My thanks to Caleb, Joe, and a friend of Joe’s for rescuing some items from the flood, as well as Michelle for hearing the running water first. Also, my thanks to Adam for sending along a donation to help with the money needed immediately that will not be recovered by insurance.

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