December 30, 2014

Oarfish Origins, and a Very (Un?)likely Sea Serpent

One of the world’s most fascinating, spectacular, and mysterious sea creatures must surely be the giant oarfish Regalecus glesne.

And the giant oarfish is indeed spectacular. What other fish can boast a silver-skinned, scaleless, laterally-compressed, ribbon-like body of illusively serpentiform appearance known to measure over 30 ft long (and with plausible if unconfirmed lengths of up to 50 ft also documented); a blood-red erectile crest composed of the first few greatly-elongated rays of the dorsal fin and memorably compared to a Native American’s head-dress by science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke; an equally erythristic but shorter-rayed remaining dorsal fin running the entire length of its body; a horse-like head with protrusible toothless jaws; and a pair of very long, oar-shaped pelvic fins that earn this singular species its most frequently-used common name?


Not surprisingly, this distinctly serpentiform creature is commonly cited by mainstream scientists and cryptozoologists alike as a likely explanation for at least some reports of alleged sea serpents. What IS surprising, conversely, is that this explanation incited scathing scepticism from none other than the Father of Cryptozoology himself, Dr Bernard Heuvelmans. But why – and was his scepticism justified?

Further details, including links to some very dramatic videos of living oarfishes, can be obtained here on my ShukerNature blog.

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