June 20, 2014

Southern Fried Bigfoot

Tody, my documentary “Overkill, Stanley!,” about the insane amount of takes director Stanley Kubrick used to insist upon, will be airing. Nah, just kidding! However, Southern Fried Bigfoot is airing again on Destination America at 6 pm est/5 pm cst. Be honest, wouldn’t you rather watch a Skunk Ape than suffer through “Eyes Wide Shut” again? Yeah, me, too!

Official trailer for the 2007 documentary about the Bigfoot legends of the American South, now airing on Destination America!

Southern Fried Bigfoot is available on DVD from the Cryptomundo Online Store:


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Sean Whitley About Sean Whitley
Sean Whitley first heard stories of Bigfoot lurking in Texas at the ripe old age of four. Several sleepless nights and nightmare-laden years later, he attended Southern Methodist University on an academic scholarship and graduated with a BA in Cinema. Whitley has worked as a scriptwriter and field producer for a wide variety of programs that have been broadcast on The Cartoon Network, The Learning Channel, SPEED Channel, MTV, Spike TV, Starz/Encore, Turner Classic Movies, HGTV, and The Cooking Channel. "Southern Fried Bigfoot" is his directorial debut. He lives in the Dallas, Texas metro area with his wife Cynthia, a cat named Josh, and two dogs: Speckles, an Australian cattle mix, and Lovey, a Potcake from the British West Indies.

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