Hoaxers’ Video Confession & Apology

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 20th, 2008

Bigfoot Trackers Apologize to Loren Coleman

Watch this video before it vanishes. [Actually, the original YouTube posting from Dyer reportedly vanished later on Wednesday, August 20th. This archived copy is thanks to the quick work of Autumn Williams who listened to the advice to save it. Thanks to her, this is shared here as a historical document.]

Rick Dyer appears to have [originally] uploaded this video explaining, confessing, revealing, and pointing fingers at other alleged co-conspirators in this hoax.

Dyer or others also include an apology at the very end to L.C. (Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo), M.M. (Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO), and C.H. (a Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization member from Georgia, who was initially in contact with Dyer and Whitton).

Both Coleman and Moneymaker were criticized heavily for early skepticism of the Georgia claims, via Dyer produced book-burning, effigy-burning, and homophobic-laden YouTube videos. Coleman and Moneymaker, separately, have claimed this was a hoax based on a costume since the initial photo of the “body in the box” was released first at Cryptomundo, then analyzed by Cryptomundo and the BFRO.

If anyone has an archived copy of the book and effigy video, please contact me.

Disclaimer: Cryptomundo shares the following reply to the Dyer video from Steve Kulls as news, but cannot verify as factual any statements or comments by Rick Dyer in his video or by Steve Kulls in his statement. The opinions expressed in both documents do not reflect any position held by Cryptomundo.

I’d like to make an official statement on those items:

1. At no time did I have contact with Dyer after the 29th of July, except briefly after the contract signing, and spoke briefly to Whitton.

2. I spoke with Whitton, this Saturday was to attempt him to return the cash. He expressed implicitly that he only wanted to deal with Biscardi.

3. I have never met either in person. I haven’t been to the state this year.

4. From what I saw including video of the team picking up the body, it was frozen.

5. When I left the scene Tuesday morning, there was still considerable ice (50%). It would have taken a lot longer for that to freeze.

6. They are attacking me because there plan was to convince Biscardi to cover it up, and run with the evidence and cash, I would not let that stand.

7. I have on good sources that the initial DNA report to me from Biscardi, was altered to read human/ape, previous to sequencing.

8. Given their track record of statements…why start believing them, they are facing criminal charges.

At this time they have retracted the video, as it is now unavailable. Why?

I can only surmise to get them in further legal difficulties.

From the onset, I believed this was a huge hoax. I was looking at cracking them. When they wanted to speak with Tom I facilitated such. From the point that He had entered contract with them, I was fed a series of lies. Then the altered DNA letter. Which makes me now believe at some point Biscardi may have figured it out but rolled with it anyway, BEFORE the press conference.

Now knowing as my reputation before this matter, ask yourselves whom do you believe?

I have never spoke the untruth in this matter. I needed time away from the camp I was in to look at the facts. I can also say factually that the crew had nothing to do with this at all. They were fed the same deceptions by Biscardi. Not to mention keeping a time line of events, when the team left California (Tuesday) there is no way that was physically possible to freeze the amount of water that solid in that amount of time.

Again my only involvement in this was introducing the parties, and flying out to Indiana for the thaw.

I have enough witnesses to back that up.

They are lying. They are liars and criminals. Thats not my opinion…fact.

And I would be willing, for any polygraph examiners out there to volunteer their services to give me a lie detector test. I’d pass 100% on all these matters.

Steve Kulls

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

20 Responses to “Hoaxers’ Video Confession & Apology”

  1. Lonewolf 9390 responds:

    The title on YouTube pretty much summed it up, didn’t it? “YES A HOAX,,BUT WE HAD ALOT OF HELP!!” Now we all get to see the 3 ring circus continue with everyone directly involved playing the blame game with each other. Pass the popcorn and let’s all fine tune the TV. This is far from over. lol

  2. Sunny responds:

    So glad to see you guys back up and on the intarwebs again!

    Should be interesting to see how long this stays online, and where the truth ever shakes out (if ever).

  3. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    I did not watch the video, didn’t waist my time. I am glad they at least made the attempt.

    Good luck in prison boys, I hear they like cops and security guards in prison, like them a lot and for a long time.

    One good thing I can say about this whole thing is we don’t have to worry about Biscardi anymore. He is a labeled man now, black listed if you will. He could walk into a news conference holding the Ohio grass man’s hand and wearing a pink too too and no one would even acknowledge the Guy. To me that is a good thing.

  4. Lightning Orb responds:

    It’s good they apologized, though it doesn’t change what they did. The damage was done, but life goes on, and this too will dissipate with time among the painted kangaroos with fake wings, Ray Wallace stunts, and all the other various hoaxes. Only true legend ultimately lives on. We’ve seen the disturbing stunts, the payback vids, and the apology, and I’m guessing this is pretty much over – the perpetrators may face jail time or simply disappear from the public eye, but what matters is we know this isn’t real and can get back to the usual photos of walking blobs and ugly dead stuff, strange eye-witness accounts, and news of newly discovered species. Though one question still bothers me – why an opossum???

  5. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Is Tom Biscardi an innocent victim, and therefore the most gullible man in America?

    I don’t know. I remember watching the news conference, and he mentioned that the Georgia boys placed the vials with the “DNA samples” on his hand the second day on his first trip to visit them. He said this made him trust them more, but obviously this could later be used to claim he wasn’t aware of where exactly the samples came from.

    But the man said he touched and smelled the “carcass”, and what he saw wasn’t a costume, so…

  6. cabochris responds:

    I wanted this to be a real Bigfoot even though those involved seemed silly. I would have preferred Professional Bigfoot researchers to make such a discovery instead of Bozos, but such was not to be.

    A good-natured prank is OK, but this was plain stupid! It was not funny. Nor was it well thought out. Those involved really had nothing. So what did they expect… to set the world on fire? I could forgive a Prankster if the hoax was for fun and well done. But these guys must sit on their brains! To think such individuals could work for the law is beyond me. Relatives must have hired them?

    I wanted to see Bigfoot, so their freezer photo could have been real. Biscardi should be tarred and feathered! He made a fool of me as I mentioned to others that he might be telling the truth this time. But he lied and I just emailed him at his website to let him know exactly how I feel.

  7. Cosmic Dave responds:

    I have been keeping my eye on the hoax Bigfoot story over the past week and believed from the start that the whole thing was bogus. I was not at all surprised to read that it was a set up earlier this week. However, as a follow up to an article that I did for my website ‘Cosmic Conspiracies’, I decided to take a little closer look at Tom Biscardi’s website ‘Searching for Bigfoot.’ What I found absolutely puts the finger of blame on him.

    Let me explain. We now know that the alleged Bigfoot was nothing more than a costume right? So what would you say if I told you that there is a page on Mr. Biscardi’s website that shows his visit in June to ‘Morris Costumes’ – The Worlds biggest costume shop? Not only did they visit the factory, they even had a guided tour!

    So is it any wonder that within a month, Biscardi is involved in this story? Biscardi has already lied about this case by saying that he was unaware it was an ape costume, despite the fact that he was more than willing to claim a week ago on news channels that he had actually touched the body before it was frozen.

    Check it out for yourself at http://www.searchingforbigfoot.com/June-July_2008 before he takes down the page.

    What I find surprising is that this important information which is pretty easy to find was not picked up by any of the major news channels when they investigated the case.

    Biscardi’s claim that he was hoodwinked out of a $50,000 deal with these two dimwitted fraudsters does not hold any validity – especially when you consider that Biscardi has already said exactly the same thing when he was involved in yet another bogus Bigfoot body fiasco in 2005!

    all the best,

    Dave Cosnette
    Cosmic Conspiracies Research Team

  8. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    i felt sad when i read it was a hoax…….

    Something like this should never happen…

    i can imagine that, Tom Biscardi wasn’t lying, that he was Gullible to believe it was real…….

    but i began to think:

    If Tom Biscardi wasn’t part of the hoax, then what animal did He feel and Smell????

    i always have an open mind to differen’t possibilities

  9. rayval responds:

    Steve is a stand up guy. I spoke with him before he boarded for the flight. He has an excellent track record and doesn’t deserve this.This is a cheap shot all the way.If everyone looks at the timeline you will see that there are no holes in Steve’s story. I cant say that for anyone else.Most people on this site wanted and felt that it was necessary to have someone completely neutral on board.That was Steve’s job.If he didn’t get involved then he would have been accused of standing down so a hoax can be committed. Either way he is guilty by association and this is wrong.Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Accusing someone of something that they did not do is the worst crime of all. People are too quick to point fingers while turning a deaf ear to the details which beholds someone’s innocents. This is complete ignorance.
    I have been watching the threads for the last few days and read what’s written in disbelief.One of the biggest flaws in journalism and news coverage is the lack of fact checking and the ability to compromise truth for the sake of making the 6 O’clock addition. I believe that some of the moderators {not Coleman}are guilty of the same practice.How do you label someone and destroy there credibility before all of the facts are in.Kulls is being handed an injustice.
    Last but not least,I use to respect the founder of one of the biggest BF research group around. I find it disgusting that this person would go as low as to mock and judge someone’s livlihood.You get 10 points for breaking this hoax wide open and then lose those same points for not having any class. Despite what you think you know,ridiculing a person because they make a living at something you wouldn’t is the lowest of the low. Do not criticize or slander another if you are vulnerable to retaliation.Come to think of it,I cannot think of anyone more vulnerable to attacks then some who hunts monsters for a living.Get the message.

  10. Macleod responds:

    Cow teeth….LOL

  11. escAPEe responds:

    Even before this scheme unravelled, people were warning that the alleged BF body in the freezer would disappear and we would never uncover the truth. Such a conclusion would have been the cleanest and easiest way for this whole matter to end for Tom, Matt and Rick– losing the physical evidence in transit somewhere between Georgia and California. But thanks to the integrity, persistence and determination of Steve Kulls, the whole world now knows the rest of this story. While he was still on the site of the unthawing in Indiana on Monday, he could not speak freely. But once he was safely on his way back home Tuesday, he exposed this as being both a hoax and fraudulent scheme.

  12. eaglegene responds:

    If thats a confession then i am Santa Claus. I’d never accept anything from them again. Their done in my book.

  13. springheeledjack responds:

    The apology doesn’t mean anything…they are just apologizing because they got publicly caught (I only say publicly because there were plenty of us that were on to them before they ever got this far).

    This brings up an important point for me. I understand that Cryptomundo brings news of cryptids and new species as they are discovered. AND occasionally things are reported here that bring out hoaxes, misidentifications and what not. That is all a part of the game, I suppose.

    However, in all of this, I have been feeling like Cryptomundo, while reporting what was happening and keeping the crypto-community abreast of what was going on, only served as free publicity for these bozos in all of this. I know they had vids on YouTube and they had their own website and what not, but I still feel like this web site only served their purposes more than it served to get to the bottom of what was going on.

    In this day with technology being what it is, and with the abundance of people with either too much time on their hands, or out to cash in on something like this, I think Cryptomundo needs to be wary of these kinds of circumstances.

    I think Cryptomundo has a responsibility to report these things, especially when a situation like the Georgia Incident occurrs, but the site also has to be responsible and not feed into these types of shysters. It may be a fine line Cryptomundo needs to walk, reporting news without publicizing, but I think it is an issue that needs to be in the back of our minds when dealing with stories like these.

    Cryptomundo needs to take a proactive approach, and take these kinds of claims with a grain of salt, as it were, until definitive evidence is given.

    I was disappointed that the Georgia boys were given so much attention when they had not come across with anything other than weak claims and attempts at fraud and lying from the outset.


  14. cryptidsrus responds:

    I guess the loss of their careers and public embarassment is punishment enough.

    As for Biscardi, his career is likewise over.

  15. hudgeliberal responds:

    Well,I am glad that Kulls is finally throwing a stone at Biscardi,on his show monday he lost a lot of credibility by refusing to rip Biscardi and tell the truth. I think there is a lot more to this story and we may never know the truth. I think Biscardi,Kulls and the two morons from Georgia are all responsible. I really think that Kulls,in constantly supporting Biscardi,a known hoaxer who was groomed by the master showman/huckster/hoaxer…Ivan Marx,has finally let his relationship with Biscardi destroy his credibility in the bigfoot community. I think Steve is probably a really good guy(dont know him personally)but in talking to several people in the community nearly every person has lost faith in Steve as a researcher/reporter. Kathy Strain took him to task on his show and instead of letting Biscardi have it…he simply said nothing. He kept repeating “blame the boys from Georgia..that is where the blame should go” over and over,all the while the chat room(with many well known people in the community present)and phone calls were urging him to tell the “whole” truth and break ties with Biscardi. A sad way to lose credit. I think that should be a nice example to anyone who is involved with those people who always seem to get wood-knocks,audio,sightings and such on every expedition..guilt by association has sent many men to jail. If someone charges for expeditions and always seem to come through with a track,knock,or some form of encounter…well,you better guard your checkbook and reputation. As most real enthusiasts/researchers know,if you have only one or two “encounters” with these creatures in your lifetime then you should be considered lucky. Watch out for those who always strike gold..could be fools gold my friends.

  16. Weezy responds:

    I still can’t comprehend how anyone, anywhere in the world would think that this is funny, that a hoax like this is comical. I’d have to assume that people like that are a little messed up in the head and have no idea what is too far and where that line is between funny and moronic. I still fully believe there could be a Bigfoot and I think this hoax only damages the opinions of those who already didn’t believe. Incredibly lame hoax.

  17. Shelley responds:

    “However, in all of this, I have been feeling like Cryptomundo, while reporting what was happening and keeping the crypto-community abreast of what was going on, only served as free publicity for these bozos in all of this.”

    Paradoxically, because of the massive influx of viewers from outside the usual Cryptomundo set, fewer readers actually saw any of the info that Loren was trying to post. I heard from a few people who were trying to follow the links from Fox or other sites that they never got in, and I certainly did not see anything on the site until today. So Cryptomundo didn’t provide that much free publicity! But on the other hand, Loren’s insightful comments couldn’t be read, either.

    I think that the attacks on the function of Cryptomundo, and the cost and effort that Loren had to go through to get the site up and running is a kind of modern-day book burning, similar to the attacks that these two morons made last month against Loren’s printed writings.

    The whole thing has been a disgusting view of what certain people think is acceptable behavior, in destroying the public image of cryptozoology, for no reason whatsoever. They don’t even seem to have made that much money out of it?! And their fame is probably infamy–even Fox, which initially pushed the whole thing before the general public, would not want anything to do with either of these morons, should they surface. So no $$$ there and one has lost his job.

    All in all, a pointless exhibition that seems to have injured everyone who was even remotely interested in the topic. I only hope that this doesn’t injure the efforts to save the Museum.

  18. MinnBob responds:

    Steve Kull innocent? Pa-leeze! He’s as much a publicity hound as Biscardi, hosting his own radio show and making television appearances on “Monster Quest”, “Destination Truth” and other sensationalistic programs. Always so close, but never actually revealing anything. Puts on a good “show” of it though. In fact, he’s been a friend and associate of Teflon Tom Biscardi for YEARS! Beevus and Butt-head (aka Whitton and Dyer) hadn’t even heard of Biscardi until they were on Steve Kull’s radio show, who do you think introduced them to each other. Any SERIOUS bigfoot researcher KNOWS that Biscardi is a hoaxer and not to be trusted. It seems old Steve has just taken a chapter out of Tom’s book of tricks in saying he had nothing to do with the perpetration of this latest fiasco. But he’s just as Kull-pable as the other three idiots. Only now that’s it’s garnered such nationwide disgrace, is he trying to distance himself, and trying to make himself out to be the hero on top of it all. Loren and Matt Moneymaker should be proud of the objective way they handled themselves and not jumping after a quick buck as Biscardi and Kull have so shamelessly done.

  19. hudgeliberal responds:

    Well, after reading Steve Kulls statement on Squatchdetective website, I must say that maybe I was a bit too harsh on Steve.

    Now that he has seemingly cut all ties with Biscardi (which he should have known better than to be involved with him to begin with), I can maybe give him the benefit of the doubt and it has restored a bit of respect for him. Now, whether he sticks with it or ends back up with SFB team..who knows? I think he made the right decision in telling the truth about Biscardi and all his efforts to lie and cover up a sad hoax.

    I always enjoy listening to Steve and had respect for him; now it is time for him to get back to reality and leave the glory seeking hucksters alone. I think you made a good move Steve and I for one, retract some of my statements that I made about you in a few responses.

    Still, I think you had to know what Biscardi was all about considering his very ugly history and the fact that he learned his craft at the foot of one of the greatest huckster/hoaxers of all time..Ivan Marx.

    I know Biscardi and team will carry on and many will continue to trust them and throw money their way..that is everyones right. I just would like to see Biscardi find another interest and leave the field of cryptozoology alone. At least leave the hunt for Sasquatch to the REAL enthusiasts and researchers.

    Maybe Biscardi can go after ghosts..seem to be a lot of hoaxers and fakes in that and heck, all you have to do is say you feel a cold draft in a room and that is enough to get your credibility established in the “ghost hunter” world..LOL.

    Take care everyone.

  20. BlueMountainTracker responds:

    What has happened here is a disgrace all the way around. I for one…was a deep skeptic about BF until just a few years ago. I am actively tracking him, researching him and since the summer of 2006 I actually believe in him. What some of us have seen is far from hoax, yet punks like this ruin the hard work most of us put into our work and discredit all of us in the public eye.
    Though I have my own theory about BFand have taken only two photo’s of some good prints early in my intrigue…I find that tracking him is like looking for a needle in a haystack and researching legitimate claims is getting harder to do. I fell for this one at first. What little I have accomplished still has credibility, but these flukes and thier shananagan tactic made it hard for anyone to want to talk about thier experience. Who wants the whitewash? Who wants the biased media attention?
    I only look down on these two idiots and Biscardi, Steve is A-OK in my book. What would you have done? Steve is also straight on his facts!

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