May 15, 2014

Is Bigfoot a Kaiju of Sorts?


With the new release of the film, Godzilla, coming out this week, I thought I would entertain the question of whether or not bigfoot is a type of “kaiju.”

Most people think kaiju must of necessity be huge in size. Not so. Daikaiju fit into this category, but the word kaiju simply means “strange creature” in Japanese. The more popular translation of kaiju in the English language is “monster.”

Of course, this opens up the whole aper/paranormalist debate in bigfooter circles. I happen to be of the belief that sasquatches are most likely capable of paranormal capabilities that exceed those of mere “apes,” including humans.

Yes, I’m talking about intra and inter-dimensional travel, invisibility, feats of incredible strength (that exceed even that of a huge primate), telepathy, and remote viewing. In fact, some reports of sasquatches over the past century detail a creature well over twelve feet tall!

Based upon my person experiences sasquatching over the course of 25 years (about 50% of the time with other witnesses), I can say with some measure of confidence that invisibility is certainly likely when it comes to the special “kaiju-like” powers of sasquatches. Telepathy is also high on the list of possibilities.


Not only was the famous Six Million Dollar man “Bigfoot” huge and immensely powerful, he was also an android. Take that, Mechagodzilla!

Due to the appearance, behavior, and possibly supernatural capabilities of sasquatches, I’m going to cast my vote for sasquatches belonging to the illustrious category of kaiju. Most kaiju fans agree that zombies, werewolves, vampires, mummies, men in black, faeries, ghosts, and djinn also might properly fit under this heading.

And thus we come to a final philosophical crux that is worth pondering: “Must kaiju, of necessity, be fictional, or can they actually be real life creatures?”

Very few websites dare to broach this possibility. As usual, has dared to “go there.” In the above list, I think it’s possible that real-life forms of werewolves, zombies, vampires, faeries, ghosts, and djinn could be real, although not in the clichéd way that these monsters are portrayed in most films and fictional literature. There are also some possible cross-overs between a few of these categories, such as between reports of vampires, men in black (MIB), ghosts, and djinn.

Thom Powell’s book, The Locals, narrates a few sasquatch encounters that include werewolf characteristics. I’ve always been fascinated by the infamous Gable Film, which allegedly depicts a “dog man” or werewolf.

For those of you interested in all sorts of fun facts and details about kaiju, I recommend a tour of Guy Edward’s website, Everything Kaiju.

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