September 4, 2018

The Devil’s Creek

It is a story as old as time.

A couple purchases a house, only to find that what they thought was their dream home would soon become a nightmare. The Devil’s Creek is a documentary about this fascinating and confounding story.

A former photographer for Nat Geo and her husband purchase a beautiful house near the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington. Shortly thereafter, she spots something near the property. What follows is a multi-year investigation that produces more questions than answers.

This is the enigma of The Devil’s Creek.

The people who live in one of the most “active” locations in America are about to tell their story to the world. Through visual and auditory evidence, you will discover why one of the most beautiful places on the planet can be so terrifying. Since I was first given the opportunity to stay in the house for several days, the place has haunted me. It took me some time to try and explain the fear, and to think about how to go about making a film that captures the essence of WHY it’s scary.

Certainly, there are plenty of films with reliable terrors: killers with chainsaws or demented clowns. Then there are the things like this – a documentary that is horrifying for more complicated reasons.

This is a story that pulls at the primordial parts of our hearts that are inherently scared of the unknown. But it is also story told with carefully constructed unease, with the gradual revelation that something you thought was perfect most certainly is not.

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