El Chupacabras Returns to Santiago

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 10th, 2006

From our good friend Scott Corrales comes the following bit of news.

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
August 8, 2006

DATE: August 8, 2006
SOURCE: Infobae.com

Argentina: Return of Chupacabras Alarms Rural Santiago Del Estero.

Residents of this province found a group of kid goats slain in a pen. The case shares several similarities with events that took place four years ago plus a new feature: the presence of strange lights. The ghost of the "red-muzzled mouse."

Three years ago, several rural districts in Argentina produced reports concerning the presence of mutilated cattle, causing INTI authorities to intervene and find an answer in the presence of the carrion rodent better known as "the red-muzzled mouse."

The narratives, which shared the same tone as those involving the Chupacabras – a sort of extraterrestrial monster engaged in attacking livestock in various parts of Latin America – appeared to vanish after the official explanation and there was practically no further discussion of the topic.

However, in a rural sector near the Santiago locality of Garza, Department of San Martin, the story appears to have flashed up from the embers.

According to the El Liberal newspaper, goat carcasses were found mutilated with surgical precision in a pen of the Quimilioj wilderness, 16 km from the aforementioned locality.

The goats showed no signs of having been attacked by carrion animals, at least not known ones, nor signs of putrefaction, much like the cows found in the same region in 2002.

The strange animal deaths, according to locals, was preceded by the sighting of strange lights flying over the area.

(Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center).

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20 Responses to “El Chupacabras Returns to Santiago”

  1. Fisheslayer_84 responds:

    sounds like an x-files episode.

    “The truth is out there.”

  2. TemplarKnight21c responds:

    I have always been intrigued by el chupacabras. It’s sci-fi comic material, and yet, is also very realistic. Quite possibly the weirdest of the cryptids.

  3. Mnynames responds:

    Anything that’s supposed to inject its victims with digestive juices, then suck out their liquified organs through their straw-like tongue (and isn’t an Arachnid) has my vote for being one strange critter.

  4. cor2879 responds:

    Chupacabra is one that I have always considered to have a significant amount of evidence supporting it. After all, something has to be killing all those animals.

  5. Dark-Obsessor responds:

    I doubt its existence quite a bit. There have never been photographs or films taken of it…

    The animals were most likely killed by something else, like town kids trying to ‘get their jollies on.’ 😛

    There are quite a few ‘cryptids’ I doubt: The Mothman, The Chupacabras, The Jersey Devil, and the living dinosaurs or thylacine. There just isn’t enough proof to convince me.

    Least of all this. The goats could be killed by a demented med-school drop-out or something. Like a Jack the Goat Ripper. Surgical precision is not done by animals. Aliens may exist but why would they traipse here just to kill some animals and disappear?

  6. twblack responds:

    Well not sure if they exist or not but I agree something or someone VERY STRANGE is doing it.

  7. Sky King responds:

    I think the folks in South America have hit the nail on the head when they connect Chupacabras with NASA – guys in NASA jumpsuits are often seen in conjunction with Chupacabras sighting clusters.

    Maybe it’s some sort of project that escaped; maybe it was introduced intentionally, for whatever reason we cannot say.

  8. cor2879 responds:

    Sly I’ve heard though that a lot of times groups will pose as NASA, FBI, or whatever other agency flavor seems right at the time in order to throw people off the trail.

  9. harleyb responds:

    That would suck to be killed by a Chupacabra, I’d have to karate chop that goat sucker.

  10. Karrde responds:

    Hi! I live in Latin America and I’ve seen the phenomena raise from some reports in Puerto Rico to a widespread hysteria among Latin American rural areas, fueled by the sensationalist media. Now, the problem that I want to point out is that the chupacabras has become a label for anything odd that happens in those communities and people are probably grouping many different things under the same “chupacabras” label (and maybe, even many different cryptids). For instance, in Puerto Rico and Chile many witnesses described the wingless humanoid alien–like creature everybody is familiar with (the one with the spikes). However, in Mexico a woman claimed that a Chupa attacked her, and made a drawing of a weird gigantic bat-like creature, while in Costa Rica, after finding his livestock killed and sucked dry, a farmer saw an unknown black animal with a long tail. To put it bluntly, each country has its own version of the chupacabras (and some more than one) and the only common trait in all cases is the blood sucking aspect, which of course has a strong mythological element. That makes very suspicious about the whole thing. Probably, we are dealing here with an idea, not an actual animal, and pranksters have a golden opportunity to do their thing.

    Having said this, some cases are actually so weird that I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an actual cryptid out there (or 2 or 3, who knows!). But you have to be very careful with the reports. Most of them are definitely over the top.

  11. Sky King responds:

    Kardde, are you suggesting that PRANKSTERS are draining all the blood out of livestock? Pretty time consuming, and dangerous as well. If you’re caught you’re as likely as not to have your head chopped off with a machete.

  12. brineblank responds:

    I saw an interesting program several months ago on NGC. A police officer was investigating ‘chupacabra’ mutilations. He set up a blind near a recently deceased cow that had died of known causes and they had it monitored it for either 48 or 24 hours (slips my mind but it was one or the other). Within that time frame the results were exactly the same as the supposed chupacabra attacks. Certain organs appeared to be removed with surgical precision and all the blood was mysteriously drained…the culprits…no chupacabra, just insects. They are amazingly thorough and quick. Carcasses left from real animal attacks or natural deaths are often not discovered immediately and there was proof positive presented on what little wonders the insects were.

  13. crypto_randz responds:

    EL CHUPACABRA STRIKES AGAIN, its been awhile since it has been talked about. I too have followed the mystery ive seen many documentaries on this mysterious cryptid. I think it could be real it sure is one elusive creature. Very fast little critter. To set a trap for it its going have to be a creative one thats for sure. Let see what happens.

  14. Karrde responds:

    No. But they can dress in some stupid costume. There are some sightings that don’t involve killings.

  15. Karrde responds:

    Where the case takes place can also play a part. If the town or village is far too isolated, it would seem very unlikely to have a prankster. Near more populated places, well, it can’t be ruled out that easily.

    In the other hand, a place too far removed creates its own set of problems. People there are very acquainted with their surroundings and the local flora and fauna, but can easily attribute weird characteristics to unknown animals. Some facts could be exaggerated or distorted.

    I’m going to give you an example. In Costa Rica there was a case of a farmer that claimed he spotted the chupacabras. The local police was called to investigate, and when the officers arrived they saw what they though was the thing. They shot it… and it turned out to be a Chow Chow dog that a city guy brought there. The locals apparently have never seen a Chow Chow…

    In addition, when some of the animals supposedly killed by the chupacabras are examined more closely, it turns out they have not been completely drained after all. Dogs or other known animals have attacked them.

    Then again, you have the weird cases that can’t be dismissed so easily. For example, in Brazil a guy saw what he immediately called a chupacabras, sucking the blood of one of his cows. However, the creature he described was more like a giant vampire bat, and there is an extinct giant bat in South America: the desmodus draculae. The Spanish Cryptozoology Society has an article about it, and has ventured that some of these reports could actually be sightings of the supposedly extinct bat.

  16. Karrde responds:

    P.S. Actually, vampire bats don’t suck blood. They wound their victim and lick the blood.

  17. springheeledjack responds:

    brineblank…saw that episode too…was interesting and it was 48 hours…my only objection was that I do not know that many of the mutilations laid around for two days before their carcasses were found…in some cases probably, BUT this is one of my great pet peaves of the supposed “skeptic” community…they find a rational explanation to fit one example and then extrapolate it to everything else that falls in the same category…that is poor science…if scientific at all…okay off my soapbox now…

  18. springheeledjack responds:

    karrde…it is good to get your input, being closer to ground zero on this…most of what I have seen and read and what not, is coming in 2nd or 3rd hand and so I am not sure what to believe and how accurate some of this is.

    The chupacabras is one of the weirdest cryptids if it is skulking around, and it does not match anything out of the fossil record to date that I know of or have come across.

    I think you are dead on in talking about the name Chupacabras has taken on a folk-loric life as it is being used to explain every strange phenomenon that people encounter.

    Thanks for your input and keep it coming!!!

  19. MindEcdysiast responds:

    Folks, what we are forgetting about this is that the situation is happening in places where the livestock being killed is the only livelyhood for these people. So thugs and crazed teenagers are out of the question since they would also starve to death.

    Having lived in Puerto Rico until my teens, I can tell you that we were a supersticious bunch. But after the “Vampiro de Moca” (the “Chupacabras predecessor), people became very fidgety.

    During The Vampiros time I recall the entire professional baseball stadium (Isidoro Garcia Stadium) going silent during a pro game as this balls of fire silently flew over chasing one another heading in the direction of Dominican Republic. A few weeks after that the Vampiro was going on a feeding frenzy. Months later it ceased to be, almost all of a sudden.

    This generation now has the Chupacabra. Unfortunately its not just goats, and its not just one or two animals. In Puerto Rico this means that a farmer will not feed his family, even though San Juan seems to be exactly like the USA, the rest of the island is still in a 1930’s frame of mind. For crying out loud, when I moved to the hills in 1975, we were the only family there that actually had electricity, running water and indoor plumbing. To us at that time losing even one hen for any reason would put us in jeopardy. It is easy for all the armchair cryptozoologists and skeptics to pass judgements. But keep in mind, when an animal dies or is killed, the first thing that gets to it are insects. Then you have the other scavengers.

    Unfortunately, when the Chupacabra feeds, no other animals get close to the site, and there are never insects feeding on the carcass, I bet no one has told you that before, now try to explain that one away. The only way they find the carcasses are dessicated, period. Please explain to me which insect or scavenger does that. Or how can a “demented” scientist exanguinate and dessicate a cow in less than a week.

    The thing to remember is that this things occur in rural places where the animals that are dying are the things that keep the farmers alive. So once again the question would be, why do I want to kill the hand that feeds me???

  20. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    brine and springheel…
    What insects were featured in the exposé?

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