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Finding Bigfoot: “Frozen Bigfoot” Photos!

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 22nd, 2011

Cryptomundians are talking about the upcoming episode of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot: “Frozen Bigfoot” Premiering Sunday, June 26, 10PM e/p. I have seen comments asking if this episode will be dealing with the “Bigfoot” in a freezer from Georgia in the summer of 2008. I have also seen comments asking if it will be dealing with the Minnesota Iceman.

Both of those assumptions are incorrect from what I can surmise from the preview of this Sunday’s episode airing on Animal Planet.

The Finding Bigfoot team will be going onsite to investigate the following series of photos taken by a backpacker in Washington state in 2005.

I am reposting this original Cryptomundo post containing the photos from December 21, 2006.

Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot

Are these photos of a Bigfoot, or something altogether else?

These photos were posted on the BFRO website last year. There was mention of additional photo(s).

We have received comments regarding these photos, as one of the additional photo(s) was recently published on the Coast to Coast AM website.

On November 17, 2005, I was looking to the south from the summit of Silver Star Mountain. On the ridge across from me I saw something I thought looked a little strange, so I got out my camera and took some pictures. Right after I took the first shot it moved or stood up, and I took another picture. It then moved toward the south, away from me. I had to readjust because the wind was so strong, and it was difficult to move because the snow was waist deep. I got closer to a rock to steady myself and took another picture. By then it was moving down the hill. I don’t think it was another backpacker or snowshoer.

These photos are republished here on Cryptomundo with the written permission of the photographer, Randee C.

Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot

Click on image for larger version

Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot

Click on image for larger version

Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot

Click on image for larger version

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

57 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot: “Frozen Bigfoot” Photos!”

  1. joppa responds:

    Could be anyone hiking/climbing in heavy winter gear; could be a sasquatch, but its just a “could be” as most of these pix are. More than likely another hiker.

  2. sadisticgreen responds:

    It’s always the way, you all the way up to the top of the mountain before realising you’ve left your 8000x magnification camera lense. DOH!

  3. titantim responds:

    If you read the original story with these photos, I don’t think its another hiker. And if you look at the bottom photo, in the larger version, look at the hunched over posture, and the arm length. Not to mention there is no distinguishable clothing, and no backpack. And though its hard to judge scale at this distance, it appears to be very tall. Still not the proof everyones looking for but it is some of the best photos to come out in a while, obviously taken by a photographer who knows what he’s doing.

  4. sschaper responds:

    It would be nice to have someone climb that peak and another take a picture from the same locations, to try to get some sense of scale. It doesn’t look quite like a hiker, but it is hard to be sure.

  5. kittenz responds:

    The bottom photo’s arm length looks entirely within human range to me, and you have to bend or lean forward at least slightly when you are climbing something steep so I do not think that is a defining factor.

    Still they are interesting photos though.

  6. Darkwing2006 responds:

    Has anyone ever noticed or talked about the apparent tracks going up the spine of the mountain towards where the subject was at? Looks like there is footprints going in that direction.

  7. ArmChairCryptoGuy responds:

    Why didn’t they follow the tracks? I would have but probably would have been eaten at the end of the trail.

  8. lastensugle responds:

    This is the first time I’ve seen this third picture, interesting. Sure, it could be a sasquatch, but then again, could be a hiker. Someone who’s able to, really ought to go there and take pictures of someone standing in the same place to judge the size of whatever this is.

  9. One Eyed Cat responds:

    It’s hard to say much about the tracks, Darkwing, I do not have a trained eye for such things, but it looks like there is a side trial, for want of a better term, going from the apparent tracks into the shadow side, and I cannot see anymore once they reach the shadows.

    I agree some comparison photos are needed. This could prove interesting.

  10. EastexQueenB responds:

    I noticed the tracks all over the right side, and making a trail on the edge of the ridge. Too bad nobody went to investigate them…

  11. CamperGuy responds:

    Interesting but inconclusive. Agree with above posters about comparative pictures to determine scale.

  12. MattBille responds:

    Looks like it could be a human. Anything that could be a human is not going to add anything to the case for sasquatch – even if it was, in fact, a sasquatch.

    Craig, did you really write “altogether else?” Ouch.

  13. mystery_man responds:

    I feel these are inconclusive. If I were shown these and not told they were a sasquatch, I would not think they were anything out of the ordinary. Upon being told the strange circumstances surrounding them and taking a closer look, I agree they are curious and could be a sasquatch. But unfortunately they could be another climber too. Are climbers fairly common in that area? Just not enough here to go on, in my opinion.

  14. DARHOP responds:

    From what I remeber when this first came out. I think the guy said that not a lot of go hikers are this far out. I believe it is in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest area. I have been to the area, not where the photos were taken, but in the National Forest. I don’t live to far from there. There are hundreds of acres if not thousands. It’s HUGE. Most National Forest are. Anyway, I believe this is not another hiker. I think it is a B/F. Wish I knew exactly where this was at. I’d go up there with a couple buddies and do some photo comparisons. I just wonder why the photographer didn’t holler at the subject? Could of explained a lot.

  15. DARHOP responds:

    Plus in the 3rd photo, the subject is leaning forward a bit. Not really the posture for a person standing there and it is standing, taking in the scenery. That pose just doesn’t look like a person to me.

  16. DARHOP responds:

    Not alot of hiker’s go this far out I mean… sorry it’s morning…

  17. DARHOP responds:

    Just did a lil research. Silver star area is 7700 acres.

  18. rayrich responds:

    From what I understand the person that took the photos was unable to hike up the mountain because the impenetrable deep snow. He or she struggled just to get to that position to take the photos. Definitely don’t think its a hiker or person by its posture. Don’t think hoaxers would go to that extreme in those conditions.

  19. DARHOP responds:

    Kitt, it is not climbing at all. In the 3rd photo it’s back is to the photographer. Looks like it is standing facing downhill. That’s what it looks like to me anyway. If anything it is descending the Mt.

  20. RockerEm responds:

    If you look at the bottom photo and the way this creature is hunched over and the length of the arms then that alone tells you this was no human.

  21. DWA responds:


    More of the heavy lifting of crypto.

    These pix have indeed been on the BFRO site a looooong time. And not one scrap of followup. Of course, I know that getting up there, or to where the “animal” was, ain’t easy; you sure aren’t going to just grab a couple buddies, traipse back up, and get whammo documentation of an unlisted species. Besides, who would give you time of day if you did, other than one or two sas sites and this one?

    Once again the Catch-22 that we keep hearing from so-called skeptics. You guys aren’t bringing science to the search. But if you do bring any, remember, it’s pseudoscience and we’ll disregard it. Right, good point, let us take a minute to go back to school get our Ph.D’s and switch careers here.

    We all of us need to stop endlessly poring over dubious sas leavings ad infinitum. If the P-G film isn’t a convincer, what could be? This is why I think sightings — specifically, concentrations of good ones by sincere reporters — are so important. They’re telling where scientists should go and set up shop for an intensive search over a long period of time. That’s weeks and months and not the typical weekend once or twice a year that your average bf researcher is able to spare.

  22. DavidFullam responds:

    Haunting photos, either way.

  23. bigfoot11 responds:

    it is bigfoot

  24. darkrabbit responds:

    The third photo is a new one for me. I blew the first two up when they first appeared on the BFRO site, and they really got me looking.

    I am no photographic expert, so maybe someone may add clarification to what I see in the third.

    The photographer was not using a wide angle lens. If he had, the rocks in foreground would have been in focus.

    Just my perception, but the photographed subject was shot with a normal or telephoto lens – meaning the subject is some distance away from the photographer.

    And the subject seems very big.

    Could be photoshopped, but I think that supposition might have been squashed. If it was, and we are looking at something truly photographed, get the transit and measuring stick and go there. Only then will there be ongoing evidence to discuss these photos.

    As the photos stand though, I am impressed. If admitted as a hoax, I’ll have no qualms about admitting that they were good enough to be the real McCoy.

  25. darkrabbit responds:

    I’m trying to do it, but…

    I can already see that we can triangulate how tall the subject is, at least from the waist up, if we can identify the mountain peaks in the background, their elevation, and, if the subject is indeed on Silver Star Mountain, Washington. We can determine the distance the photographer is from each peak, if we can identify them, by the aspect ratio in the photograph. I know it can be done; I just can’t figure it out.

    Help, Mr. Higgins.

  26. RWRidley responds:

    The most disturbing thing about the Coast to Coast link is they feature an ad for P90X with George Noory in a black sleeveless P90X shirt. Oy!

  27. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    I don’t understand why some here would say it doesn’t look like a human in posture. Just because it leans forward a lil? Have you ever been bundled up like that, especially if you have a hood up? When you have a hood up and are all bundled up, when you look down at the possibly steep ground you almost have to lean forward or hunch over. Just because the hiker taking the picture says that they couldn’t get up there because of the snow, doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t. People do it all the time.

    One would think that after six years that someone would have followed up on it more if it was so compelling.

  28. Cryptoz responds:

    It’s totally Bigfoot! He climbed to the very top so he could yell “Riiiiiicolaaaaaa!”

  29. RWRidley responds:

    Well, I did a little research and Cliff Barackman has been working on these photographs extensively. He’s made several treks to the site and obtained measurements. On one trip with unfavorable weather conditions, he was able to determine a height of 7’8″ using GPS. However, he had a margin of error of 3 meters, which my limited understanding of metrics and science leads me to believe the subject could be negative 2′ 8″ tall or close to 20 feet tall. Since that trip, he’s gone back with a team of bigfooters to acquire more accurate measurements, and he’s working with a professional statistician to get a much smaller margin of error. I imagine he will reveal his latest findings on Finding Bigfoot.

    BTW – I like Cliff on the show. I just think the “Within 3 meters” measurement is a little too premature to discuss publicly. I applaud his efforts.

  30. flame821 responds:

    @ darkrabbit
    I’d call Charlie Eppes. 😉

    As for these photos, they are extremely interesting, especially the third one. It ‘could’ be a human, although it seems unlikely if what the photographer stated about the conditions are accurate.

    As for the arm length – its obvious in the 3rd snapshot that the subject is not standing straight. This could be a natural posture for the subject, it could have a heavy pack that is obscured in the photo, or it could be hunched over due to the extreme wind the photographer documented. And lets face it, the subject does have a remarkable resemblance to Patti from P-G film.

    The one thing that is bothering me is the legs. They seem rather spindly compared to the bulk of the upper torso. This could be its anatomy or it could be a puffy jacket to keep the wind out. And something about the angle these were shot at confuses me. If the order they are placed in on this site is the order they were taken in, it seems the photographer was moving around quite a bit and rather quickly, however the only thing I have to go on is the shadows and the bare, brown ‘bump’ to the subject’s right.

  31. planettom responds:

    this just might be a sighting of a female melanistic wampa hunting a tauntaun :)

  32. Redrose999 responds:

    But…. but that was debunked….

    The dude in the picture came forward… It’s just some guy in a big coat. Why do an episode on something we KNOW is a human being? Man… sad, can’t Discovery come up with better ideas? Like the BFRO goes to that little fishing cabin in Canada?

  33. Tarzanboyy responds:

    Interesting photos. They’re quite a distance away, but they aren’t blurry at all. It’s definitely bipedal so it’s either a human, a sasquatch or a bear standing up. I doubt very much it’s a bear since there’s no apparent muzzle and the posture, apart from in the final photo seems unnatural for a bear. Could be a hiker, but it’s sort of an unnatural human position as well. Look at how hunched it is. I’m not saying it couldn’t be replicated by a human, but most people don’t assume that bent posture. I don’t know. I don’t consider myself a “true believer” but I believe there’s a good possibility they exist (at least in some areas). Given the location and the appearance, I’m going to say it’s either an intentional hoax or authentic photographic evidence of a sasquatch. The proportions and posture do not strike me as human.

  34. Brothermidnight responds:

    I would like these to be pics of a Bigfoot as much as anybody, but as far as I can make out in these, it’s just as likely to be that kid in his winter coat from the movie A Christmas Story as it is to be a Bigfoot. It’s just not clear enough to be proof of anything.

  35. Opalman responds:

    I find these photos fascinating. I have studied them on several occasions. To me and my way of thinking these photos represent the most frustrating of evidence types. There will never be any way of either proving or disproving the identity of the subject as sasquatch.

    In such instances this is what I do in evaluating the subjects possible actual identity. To many this will be viewed as a most unscientific method but here goes:
    I meditate on emptying myself of all predispositions of normal thought, utilizing yogic techniques I fall into a state of very deep relaxation with eyes closed. When very relaxed I open my eyes to the images already prearranged on the monitor’s screen.

    Immediately I make mental note of my first impressions. I have found that the very first impressions are often accompanied by a strong opinion about the identity of the subject.

    Of the many times I have done this two instances glaringly stand out: The first was the Redwoods footage shown on Youtube where the guy is being chased by something that jumps down a ravine and quickly turns around after seeing the cameraman filming. (I can no longer find the footage referred to—it seems to have been replaced by some enhanced unintelligible footage on Youtube.) Frames showing the subject striding away through the woods left me with extremely strong impressions that it was the real deal.

    The second was this mountaintop series of photos.

    Some will say “not scientific” others might disagree.

  36. Hapa responds:

    I’ve also never seen the third photo. Very interesting photographs.

    Redrose999: Are you saying these photographs were of a man in a jacket? Or another photograph(s)?

  37. Cryptoz responds:

    I’ll actually be going on my own Bigfoot expedition. I’ll be using a game camera to see if I can get video, and I’ll be trekking through woods to look for evidence. No joke. Hopefully I’ll get a clearer picture than “Frozen Bigfoot”.

  38. MattBille responds:

    First impression: Human. The guy (I think a fairly big man in a hooded down jacket or parka) is leaning a little in the third photo, but that just make him look like he’s walking. I don’t get the impression the arms are inhumanly long.

  39. flame821 responds:

    @ redrose999

    Do you have any further info on the debunking? I’ve done a Google search but most of the articles are from 06-07 with no follow up done. There are a few from the last week or so, but those are discussing these photos being featured on Finding Bigfoot.

    Any info you can remember would be helpful in narrowing down the search.

    Thank you.

  40. Redrose999 responds:

    @ Hapa

    about a year ago on the BFRO site, they had a note that a fellow contacted them and said it was him. It was mistaken identity. I swear on my grandma’s bean soup. I can’t find the photo page, but it was hosted like the Jacob’s trail cam photos. They had the photos and a report and a follow up.

  41. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Redrose999: Here is the page on the BFRO site with the photos. While there are investigator comments on the page, there is no mention of them being debunked.

    Checking the Internet Archive WaybackMachine, the current page has some minor differences in the past. The last time the page was crawled was February 28, 2009 and this is how it appeared then.

  42. Hapa responds:

    Redrose999 and Craig Woolheater: thanks for the info.

    Even if someone comes forwards to say that this pic is a hoax or a misidentification (I was the thing in the photo), we have to have more proof than someone’s word. Remember the Bob Heironomus fiasco. It’s almost as if alleged hoaxers are science incarnate to skeptics, yet scientists and amateur investigators who research Cryptids are often ridiculed and asked “Where’s the proof”? We may not have the body skeptics are looking for, but then again Heironomus didn’t have a suit either. The one he is often pictured with was a recently made suit, made to “resemble” the supposed, and conveniently absent, Bluff Creek suit).

  43. Redrose999 responds:

    Thank you Craig. I swear up and down I read someone claimed to be the guy on the hill. Is there any other place it could have been posted? I remember the BFRO website because of it’s layout, but perhaps I’ve seen it elsewhere? We all know how memories do fill in. If it didn’t come off the BFRO website, or Cryptomundo, then the source is questionable. Was it on the Blogsquatcher?

  44. Redrose999 responds:


    I wish I could tell you. I swore it was the BFRO (the pictures on the black background stood out in my mind) site, but the only other sites I surf were blogsquatcher and Cryptomundo. If anyone else remembers a follow up to these photos, let me know. It was a notation as a “brief” note at the end of the investigation post saying the guy in the photo contacted the site in question, claiming to be the guy in the picture.

  45. Redrose999 responds:

    This is the only one I can find and this isn’t the one I’m recalling. Can anyone access Blogsquatchers old posts?

  46. Redrose999 responds:

    OK, here is the post I was thinking of. It was on Cliff’s page and he was skeptical of the claim. Sorry for the insanity and confusion. He does give a link to were the claim was made.

    Man, this tells me I do surf a lot of bigfoot blogs! LOL

  47. RWRidley responds:

    This was in 2005, so I guess I can’t assume that it was a digital camera. The highest res I’ve seen is 96 dpi. Do we know what the original camera was? Was it film or digital? And what is the highest res avalable? Even at 96 dpi, it’s fairly interesting when you zoom in and play with contrast.

  48. RWRidley responds:

    Nice link Redrose999. I’m not sure how the person can be so sure he is the subject in the picture. Sounds a little specious. I’m not saying the figure is Bigfoot, but I kind of doubt someone can look at that picture and say “that’s me!”

  49. Opalman responds:

    I think there might be a bit of confusion regarding your quoted GPS numbers. I think the quoted 3 meter accuracy tolerance is referring to latitude and longitudal position on the earth—not actual subject height; AGL (above ground level) It is not unreasonable to assume a fairly accurate subject height within a few inches depending on the topography which to me looks fairly constant in relation to other topographical landmarks in the photos within an approx. 3 meters.

  50. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    @ Opalman – You are right, but so is RWRidley and others. To estimate height, you would need an object’s distance from the camera relative to fixed, known objects. The three meter margin for error would give drastically different values on the height of the subject. Not knowing the exact positions of the “bigfoot”, the photographer, or other fixed objects makes any height measurements impossible.

  51. Kopite responds:

    What kind of hiker, out in a place like that, doesn’t have either a backpack, a walking pole or even a bottle of water on him or her? The colour looks uniformly dark and I see no trace of heavy clothing anywhere.

    I’ve always thought these pics were very curious.

  52. RWRidley responds:

    Opalman -That makes sense.

    Kahil – That makes sense, too.

    It appears like Cliff’s been working with the original photographer in this case. Getting his location, focal length, etc. I’m guessing they’ll have Bobo play the squatch again, and get an approximate size, but that will only have a visual impact. I’m sure it will be far from accurate.

  53. Redrose999 responds:

    @you’re welcome RWRidley, I’m just sorry it took so long to find the link. I know why I thought it was the BFRO page now, it was the link. Anyway, in light of all this, I am looking forward to the episode. It might prove to be interesting.

  54. loopstheloop responds:

    Not sure about this. It seems kind of, well, dull and silly. Ah well, I’m sure the post-production team can spice it up, if needs be.

  55. Opalman responds:

    Having done some high elevation, cold weather camping / hiking; I personally cannot imagine not staying within a few arm lengths from a buddy in such a windy location—if for no other reason than to be heard by each other. Also the photographer says its very windy which does anything but explain why a lone individual is so obviously sparingly dressed in what appears to be more a hoody than a parka. Personally I would never move around on a high, steep windswept ridge without a ice axe and climbing rope handy. These items would likely be visible as would any day pack. Upon close examination (to my eyes) the subject’s arms appear slightly longer than we typically see in humans. Where others are saying hoody, I see a sagittal crest. I would expect that hiker / climber would be preoccupied by the ridge top / summit view—but subject is ignoring the view in all (3) photos. I would think that any stopping and admiring the vista by the subject would inspire the photographer to capture such a moment on film or media.

    As far as the claim by someone that the picture subject was he himself; that seems a fantastical claim that neither he nor anyone else can substantiate. I doupt it.

  56. BAMA1863 responds:

    My first impression after seeing enlargments of the photos was how this creature reminded me a lot of the subject of Patterson’s film. Especially as it turned to walk away. The slumped broad shoulders, the wide head with no neck showing and long arms. Also the hunched forward look of the upper body. Even though this subject was further away I saw a enough to make me believe the 2 creatures are very much alike. Did anyone else catch this? Just my 2 cents worth.

  57. Opalman responds:

    I would be thrilled to see a couple of regular Joes, resourceful and independent of any so called “research organizations” bring back irrefutable evidence of this amazing creature’s (sasquatch’s) existence. At risk of becoming another “sasquatch expert”, I’d like to mention a few protocols that if followed would quite possibly, if not; probably, greatly increase the likelihood of success in finding and documenting the sasquatch. Since I am no longer able to engage in these kinds of expeditions due to serous heath issues I’m recommending the following in the hope that someone might successfully utilize these same protocols that I believe in wholeheartedly. With the exception of a thermal imaging system, this is the equipment I have on hand for short notice camping/hunting. I’ve used everything noted and am very happy with everything’s usefulness, quality and performance.

    First of course is locating and becoming familiar (by topo map and Sat image) with a prospective large parcel of habitat where sightings or other evidence has already been consistently noted. The Okanagan National Forest area would be a very high on my short list, though I’d stay clear of the summit areas or terrain above 5000ft ASL. A remote, high conifer forest away from hiking trails and other hikers/backcountry campers etc. etc. would be ideal. The normal criterion for the location/finding apex predators should be foremost. Almost any of the well forested major drainages at mid elevation look like good areas to me.

    The party should consist of two people only. Emergency GPS locator beacons is essential as is a comprehensive first aid kit and normal small emergency items. Each party member should be in excellent physical shape and experienced in back country hiking /camping / survival. Ideally and for too many reasons to go into here, party members should have extensive and successful big game hunting experience. Supplies and equipment should be limited to what 2 people can comfortably carry for extended hiking stints. Backpacks should be MOLLE spec, large overnight assault type, equipped with Camelback™ reservoir, either (2) 200 oz. (1) 400 oz.

    For the above mentioned area, timing should be 2-5 weeks after snow melt.

    No call blasting, no infrared gear, passive thermal imagers OK and desirable. No pheromones (unless you can talk a mature female sasquatch out of some of hers—tell her its “for science”) . Human scent masking products recommended, real fox urine is best, avail. online. Odor combating (hunting) clothing OK. Quality headlamps needed, (Princeton Tec apex™ or equal. best w/ rechargeable AA batteries. (1) Small solar charging system needed (see Sundance Solar; Voltaic Fuse™ solar charger, backpack mount; for charging a wide variety of batteries). Several sets of rechargeable batteries as required by devices carried. Two way radios needed (Midland GTX 100VP-4™- with tactical throat mics / headsets) Small digital audio recorder such as Tascam DR-03™ with TASCAM TM-ST1™ needed. NO gamecams! Survival whistles needed.

    Small, unobtrusive digital cameras video recorders needed, capable of interfacing with thermal imager ideal. Game Ear™ hearing aids w/ extra batteries needed. Large size UDAP™ bear spray for each in party w/ holster needed. Specimen bottles (sealed sterile) needed. Sterile swabs needed. 25’ Cloth measuring tape grad. inches and mm / cm needed. Light weight plaster cast material and supplies OK if added weight permissible, we already have a kazillion cast samples).

    2 or 3 man, 4 season Tent needed. Katadyn™ water filter system needed. Quality L/W sleeping gear needed. Inclusion / exclusion of these items listed above are mission critical, other items may be chosen as required as per team member agreement but should not include electronic devices other than those shown above. The absolute minimizing of stray electromagnetic oscillations cannot be overstressed.

    The rest is easy;

    Hike traveling a predefined route, between several prospective campsite areas, pick good campsites not too far (75 yds.) from game trails but not right on them either. Listen closely with at least (1) Game ear on at all times. Look for sign, spoor—think “outside the box”. Keep a detailed journal, photo-document each campsite and anything interesting. Keep your head on a swivel. Utilize still hunting technique randomly or as sensed necessary (walk 3-7 steps-stop, motionless for at lease 1 full minute, better with 2 min pauses—listen carefully). Be alert to hunches, feelings of being watched etc. Watch ridgelines from a distance downwind of them, trying to remain hidden. Don’t be in a hurry. Expect the unexpected at every new vantage point. Stay within eyesight of each other at all times. When walking together (not still hunting) normal non-boisterous conversation is OK; He / they know where you are most of the time (not always). Ideally, while bunking team should take watches; 3 hours each works well.

    Allow any campfire to burn out after turning in. Enjoy, have fun, relax. Abide by low impact camping protocols at all times and don’t store food of any type within 100’ (or more) of tent. Acquire and read Stephen Herraro’s, “Bear Attacks their Cause and Avoidance”, even in areas of black bears only. Oh Yeah…have your camera ready at all times. Good luck.

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